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Shades of Milk and Honey (Glamourist Histories, #1)
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Rebecca (rebecita) We'll be reading Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal during June and July 2018! Get your copies and dig in! Audiobook fans- it's available for free through Hoopla. This thread is for general hype and chatter, no spoilers please!

Rebecca (rebecita) Ok so I'm a little nervous because I'm not a huge reader of either Austen or fantasy! Though come to think of it I have enjoyed some of the Georgette Heyer regency romances. What about you guys, do you read in this genre?

Scott | 59 comments Mod
Honestly, I normally would’ve never read it. Like you, Rebecca, fantasy really isn’t usually my go-to genre, and Jane Austen never interested me.
But, listening to S&L interview Mary (they’ve interviewed her, I want to say, twice. But never read her books as group reads) and later listening to her discuss it on Writing Excuses (the writing podcast she hosts with Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Dan Wells) just made it pique my interest. And, I’m glad I decided to read it. As I said when I nominated it, she’s become one of my favorite authors. And, if you continue reading on (I hope this isn’t spoilery), the sequels add so many elements of other genres that each one really adds something new.

Rebecca (rebecita) Way to sell it Scott :) I'll have to check out an interview with the author.

Rebecca (rebecita) Heyyy has anyone else played the game Marrying Mr. Darcy? I had forgotten about it but between this series and a similarly set book my friend was reading, we just had to bust it out and play! I was originally introduced to the game after seeing Felicia and other cool ppl play it on a stream, maybe Tabletop Day or something? They all did ridiculous accents and it was great fun. Anyway totally recommend checking out the game, you can print-and-play for only a few bucks.

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Emily (shroomgirl) | 9 comments I have not had time to read it. :( But it is on my Amazon wish list so I will get to it. Sounds like it is a good one. :)

Rebecca (rebecita) It was a fast read Emily! Let us know what you think whenever you get round to it!

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