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The Wheel of Osheim (The Red Queen's War, #3)
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Is the Wheel of Osheim the LHC (RQW & BE spoilers)

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Kevin Jones | 13 comments I first noticed parallels between our worlds technology and Mark Lawrence Prince of Thorns and Red queens war i.e. builders sun and the gun Jorg has and the Wheel of Osheim has to be the LHC in Cern and then I read Mark Lawrence background on the back cover of one of his books and started thinking maybe Mark knew something we didn't where it concerns playing with smashing atoms. This post is made in good fun and not tin foil hat just curious if anyone else noticed this.

Ciara Houghton | 8 comments My thinking at the time was that it's a big particle collider, but that doesn't mean it's the one in Cern. I assumed it was the bigger and badder child of efforts like the LHC.


p.s. for those who haven't made it that far, I think the title of the topic might be a bit of a spoiler, if only because it gets the wheels turning in a person's head before they might have otherwise.

Kevin Jones | 13 comments I do apologize for the kinda spoiler and will edit if I can, but I am almost certain it is Cern the geography of the Broken Empire is clearly Eupore with North Africa mixed in. The cultures and locations just strike to close to actual places to be anywhere else, and the only other collider is in the US.

Ciara Houghton | 8 comments But we don’t know the timeline. Can be further in the future and there could be other colliders of that size or far larger/different, noting of course that there are thousands of current colliders of smaller size.

I’m not saying he wasn’t inspired by that, just that it may not have been intended to be understood as the LHC specifically. I mean, I wouldn’t be shocked if it was, but it could be otherwise.


Kevin Jones | 13 comments I understand that but you have the dead Isles which are obviously Britain, then you have North Africa where the mathematicians are you have the Vikings which snorri and you have either Northern Italian or Southern French royalty with the Red Queen. They say Roma that's Rome, so makes it more likely its LHC.

Kurt | 1 comments I don't think it's the LHC which is under the France-Switzerland border. If you look at the current Europe vs Broken Empire map that Mark put on Youtube (, Osheim is roughly in the Hanover area of Germany. I don't recall from the book if the wheel is totally within Osheim, but it seems like it would be pretty far northwest of the LHC.

Kevin Jones | 13 comments Yes but the closer you get to the wheel the more it distorts the world around it, so it is conceivable, and likely, that it is the LHC.

Ciara Houghton | 8 comments But Kevin, it's fiction. If Mark wanted to he could put it right outside of Geneva and as a reader, I still wouldn't assume it's the LHC. I don't know the timeline, but even if the event type stuff happens 50 years from the modern day, LHC could be long gone. Does that make sense?

For my own preferences, I'd rather assume it's something bigger, badder, and even cooler than the LHC. Or, I'd secretly just assume it was the LHC with the idea that what we see in the books _could_ have happened on day 1 in some multi-verse scenario. Dunno. It's fiction. Unless the author says so or the text supports the theory sufficiently, it's all just fun possibility stuff.

Unless, of course, Mark wants to weigh in. :D


Kevin Jones | 13 comments oh I know it's fiction and Fantasy at that. I said that at the beginning, it's just speculation on what he was thinking when he was writing it, and also given his background what he may know about particle accelerators LOL. It was just an amusing thread I am not saying he somehow knows the future

Ciara Houghton | 8 comments I know you're just playing the guessing game in terms of what the author intended. I am too. It's a fun game, it's just that while I don't see anything that totally rules it out, it just doesn't seem like the LHC is specifically the collider he had in mind.

For me, this rules out modern-day LHC as the specific collider:
A pause. "You're referring to IKOL facility at Leipzig?" ... "The Wheel of Osheim." James Alan Kendeth nodded.


Kevin Jones | 13 comments Ah, great find I remember that exact line I've reread them a couple of times and you're right most of the older places like Roma and I think there's a Libya but spelled different, but that's an entirely different place. A horse of a different color but who knows even if he was thinking of the LHC he may have needed to not be so on the nose

Ciara Houghton | 8 comments Yeah. As for inspired money is also on having been specifically inspired by the LHC and the what-if possibility. Like what if you spin it up and boom reality rips and magic follows.

That said, I sort of assumed that it was in the future after they already figured out how to mess around in that way (like in the lab) and the IKOL just helped them do cool new reality tampering stuff on some crazy scale (real-world effects), but that's just what went through my head at the time.


Kevin Jones | 13 comments I like that interpretation, but with Mark Lawrence's background it was fun to play around with him having more information then normal people might

message 14: by Steve (last edited Jun 16, 2018 03:30AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Steve | 109 comments One thing I like about all Mark’s fantasy books is that there’s usually a science fiction undercurrent to his ‘world building’. It isn’t shoved in your face and described in detail to you but you discover it’s relevance for yourself as you read.
For example, the period in history when Jorg’s world is active; the nature of the most destructive weapons and ‘Bullders Stone’. I just got a little buzz of satisfaction discovering this as I read through the books.
The Wheel may be some descendant of the LHC. Or something similar that helped cause humankind to destroy the world as it was.
In the world of Nona (Ancestors trilogy) the reasons for the world being cold but with a habitable strip.
So looking forward to his full on science fiction series promised next year.

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