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The Prophecy (Saga of the Chosen, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Urban Fantasy series (2 books so far). [s]

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Anne Monteith (eclecticbookworm) | 8 comments This is an UF set in San Francisco; it has witches, vamps and weres; Talia is a young wizard in San Francisco in hiding and hiding the extent of her powers, she works a level 2 for the fro the local wizard bureau. She's hired to do a job cleaning residual magic and realizes that there is a shifter being kept prisoner and goes back to rescue him (he is a double shifter).
She's in hiding because if they find out what she can do (her touch can kill vampires and she has other unusual powers)) she will be killed. After rescuing Hawk, the weres that were holding him come after her and she is offered protection and agrees to stay in the pack house (but doesn't disclose all her secrets).
The second book was published early this year (Feb/Mar) I believe. There's more that I remember, but I didn't want to get too lengthy.
Thanks in advance.

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Anne--the more information you give us the faster and easier time we will have finding the book. We do allow spoilers in posts (actually we pretty much encourage the use of spoilers) since often it's the spoilers that get the book found. There are 2 ways to give spoilers. The first way is the simply say, "SPOILERS AHEAD"

then hit the enter key 6 or 7 times and put your spoiler in.
The other way is to use the html (view spoiler) to use that, when on desk top version of GR only, click on the Some HTML is OK link at the top right of the comment box.

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Anne Monteith (eclecticbookworm) | 8 comments She has two/three other sisters, they all have different father's. I believe the protagonist is named Talia, she's brunette, another sister is Selena/Serena? Selena is the only one who knew thier mother, she believes she was killed in an explosion that she caused in Chicago. Her father was a prophet and her mother killed him in the explosion. The prophecy said that a powerful witch with daughters by different fathers will rule the supernatural world. She killed her husband thinking that the prophecy would be hidden and set out to fullfil the prophecy. Before the explosion she removed her powers using a powerful artifact she stole and placed them in a pendent. One of her vampire cronies placed the necklace on Selena/Serena and planted a false memory of it being the last gift her father gave her; i. Her mother is trying to get it back and the vampires try to kidnap her. Selena/Serena is now with Talia under protection of the alpha and pack and the protection of a guardian, Jason/Justin from the witches council. Her aunt is the leader of the council and one of the reasons that her mother killed her father is that he voted for her sister and not her when the post was first available, They've located a third sister, a fraternal twin of a ruler in India who was a snake shifter (all the girls father's were strong supernaturals). Before dying their father told them that their mother was alive. Her brother can't leave, he is the new ruler but she goes in search of her mother Don't remember her name it starts with an R, she finds her mother discovers that she's up to something but the vampires are always watching and she can't get away. She finally managed to escape, is chased, has to turn into a snake but still is almost caught, but the Alpha and pack come to the rescue and she joins her sisters under their protection while they try to find a way to stop their mother. A third sister with red hair is introduced as part of the cliffhanger at the end of the second book.
Before she told Talia she was her sister she knew she had to help her. Like her father, she has visions and she has seen that Talia will be held on trial to be killed for her power to kill vampires with her touch. She has seen herself and the other two sisters in the arena where there are about to kill Talia and she knows that without her assistance (and possibly her sisters Talia will die).

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Dee (austhokie) | 626 comments ugh - I just read this - hang on - lemme look

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Dee (austhokie) | 626 comments nope not the book I was thinking of - but it was Under Wraps

Anne Monteith (eclecticbookworm) | 8 comments Found it, the author is Petra Landon, Series (Saga of the Chosen) books are 1: Prophecy & 2: Rainmaker; they're great.

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Glad you found your book series, Anne. Here's the link to the first book - The Prophecy by Petra Landon.

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