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Are they good at their job?:

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First Name: Sam(American)

Last Name: Danson(American)

Age: 16

Personality: quiet, curious, bold, adventurous, smart, cold, calculating, seductive, lethal, deadly, mysterious.

History: Nadiya Petrova was born to two very powerful Russians who are direct decendents of a long ago ruler, but was kidnapped and brought to America when she was 3 months old. She knew something was wrong as she grew up and entered the crime agency and never told her "parents," who had changed her name to Sam Danson. She works on finding out who she really is when she isn't on a case.

Appearance: Ice blue eyes, long wavy auburn hair to her waist, which is usually in a braid, pale complextion, average height.

Likes: Dogs, solving the crimes, chocolate, playing any instrument she can get her hands on.

Dislikes: white chocolate, when she is assigned to someone's murder.

Are they good at their job?: She is extremely good.

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Charlotte Simpson


Bubbly, joyful, smart, sympathetic, productive (when in the mood)

Charlotte was always a part of the agency since her parents were the founders. Her parents died in the middle of solving a murder mystery and since then, Charlotte set out to find out who killed her parents and solve the mystery for herself. She likes to cover up her sadness with her natural bubbly personality.

Cases, working with others, training younger agents, cupcakes, doughnuts

Bad guys, failing, broccoli


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Want to be partners

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Name: Willow Melody Smith

Age: 18

Personality: angry most of the time, strong in mind and body, loves lecturing people and proving them wrong

History: she was born in Russia, and then her dad left. Her mom and her have lived together their entire lives and she loves to spend time with her. they are pretty poor, but they make by.


Likes: investigating, people, minds, thinking, cookies, girls, boys, flirting, and sweets of any sorts

Dislikes: bitter, sour, revenge

Are they good at their job?: oh extremely

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Name: Melody Brook

Age: 17

Personality: smart, quiet, can get loud and aggressive if angered, usually really nice, always keeping an eye out for anything suspicious

History: Melody is a girl from the Czech Republic and moved to America when she was 16 with her two moms, she has no siblings.


Likes: traveling, sweets, parties, girls

Dislikes: being bored, bullies, and dying

Are they good at their job?: yes


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Both are approved, can willow be a part of Charlotte’s group?

BoldlyGoingNowhere Name: Chiara Caramanica

Age: 18

Personality: Has a hard time trusting people, Very observant, Smart, Usually watches other people instead of joining the conversation to study people's reactions/emotions

History: She was born in Italy and she spent most of her childhood away from civilization. She was home-schooled and her parents and had instructors teach her all manner of self defense. By the time she was 9 anything she got her hands on was a weapon. When she was 12 she moved to America with her parents and went to public school. She became part of the agency at the age of 15 and was able to skip most of the training.


Likes: Fighting, traveling, partying, staying up super late

Dislikes: sugar/sweets, having nothing to do, failing

Are they good at their job?: Better than good

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quq  (190511) Name: Mare Culpeper

Age: 18

Personality: Mare treats people like trash sometimes, and she acts like everyone is disposable. But when she walks away, it’s a test to see if you’ll follow her. She is just kind of broken, and it’s her way of saying ‘help me’. She isn’t trustworthy or loyal, but if you prove you are trustworthy, she can be a lifetime friend. She likes partying and acting unattainable to keep the real emotions at bay. They are too overwhelming. She thinks it should have been her. She just needs someone to talk to. Someone who will really listen, not just hear.

History: When Mare was twelve, she, her younger brother, and her parents went to the lake to swim. They all got in, except for Mare. She was engrossed in her book and didn’t notice as they all dove down and didn’t come up again. Then the man walked ashore with blood on his hands, and she couldn’t control the rage. She killed him with her bare hands. An agent was looking for someone else, but when he saw her he took her instead. She kicked and screamed, needing to get back, to hold her brother one last time, to make sure he was all right, even though he was gone and she knew it. That was the last time she showed any kind of resistance or feeling. It broke her. She tried suicide. It didn’t work. Too many protections on everything in her room. As if they expected it from her.


Likes: killing, missions, partying, boys, anything to distract her

Dislikes: being alone, thinking, the sight of blood on other people’s hands

Are they good at their job?: extremely

Other: this is a scream for a boyfriend, people

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Cool! Approved

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Cameron wrote: "Both are approved, can willow be a part of Charlotte’s group?"

sure I wouldn't mind that

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quq  (190511) Does anyone want to make a group with me

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Adeline | 46 comments Mod
Sure. I'll make a character quick since my others are both in a group already.

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quq  (190511) Thanks :)

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Adeline | 46 comments Mod

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1)How big do you want your group to be?
2)I have a case for your group that I will tell you when your group is ready over in Get your case.

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quq  (190511) 1) me and Alexis, and if you want to join that would be great?
2) ok thank you

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Sure, I’ll make a character and I’ll give you a case

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quq  (190511) Thanks!

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Name: Celaena Galathynius

Age: 17

Personality: reckless, carefree, deadly, bold, brave.

History: Trained in the agency when she first learned to walk (her mother was a very important person who worked at it).

Appearance: silverish hair, bright ice blue eyes.

Likes: boys, party's, solving crimes, kicking bad guys' but*s

Dislikes: people who abuse other people and animals

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Mimi 'Pans' Herondale Name: Sylvie Gracian

Age: 18

Personality: smart, ready, brave,helpful, resourceful

History: she was born in a rich household, and given everything she wanted her entire life.


Likes: people, learning, money, making money, counting money, texting, reading

Dislikes: being dumb, being bored.

Are they good at their job?: uhuh

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bubblewaffles Name: Adeline "Addy" Juliana Snow

Age: 16

Personality: Addy is smart, mostly observance and biology but also chemistry. She can be quite sensitive when around the people she likes or cares for. She is good at swimming and martial arts but not much else and always ends up comparing herself to other people. She loves her parents more than anything else in the world and would never, ever take them for granted, especially her dad since her mom died. She hates it when she feels romantic attraction to the people around her because she's only there to avenge her mother and possibly aid mankind. She can be quite stealthy, especially when pranking her friends. She isn't extremely good at social interaction but does okay.

History: Born in France on a dark night, her parents moved here after her mother got a steady job, which was not only accounting but also as a spy. One night, her father and she got news that her mother died in an "accident", and her father became extremely paranoid, drinking more than before on nights. She wanted to find out what happened and her father told her all about it, signing her up for karate and swimming. She joined the agency last year in order to avenge her mother, mostly.


Likes: Dark chocolate, most animals, pranks, sleeping, reading, listening to music

Dislikes: White chocolate, sore losers, the person who killed her mother, racists, homophobes, abusers

Are they good at their job?: Pretty good

Other: She is asexual.

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You guys know that if you are a mod you can also approve stuff right? Actually, all moderators please meet me at the Moderator’s Only discussion

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Addy is approved

Sylvie is approved

Celaena is approved

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dashofmagic wrote: "ALEXIS THAT NAME THOUGH XD"

I love the books. Don't judge ;)

Amy (won't be online for a while. sorry to all the groups i'm in!) (mattbatt) | 20 comments Name: Rose Maria
Age: 29
Personality: Young, sweet, reassuring, cautious, shut in, nervous around new people, unique, vengeful, secretive, and very new to her job. Flirty when she wants to be and dangerous when she has to be.
History:She grew up in Venezuela as a biracial child with one black father and one white mother. In the community they lived in the people were very unsupportive of this type of life. Venezuela had the highest crime rate in the world.She became a victim of murder in her family the night of her 15 birthday. She woke up to yells and fighting coming from her mother and fathers room down the hall in the middle of the night! When silence had fallen she cautiously slipped out of bed and scampered over to her mother and Athens bedroom. When she peered inside she witnessed her worst nightmare. She saw her mom laying on the floor with her throughly slit from one end to the other, and her father laying on the bed with a machete in his stomach just barley breathing. She remembers running over to her father holding his wound and saying "everything will be fine I will find a doctor" she started balling at her fathers said repeating "stay with me dad stay with me you'll be okay I promise!" But right I front of her eyes she witnessed her fathers death and from that point on decided to be an agent, detective or something similar to that. She still has nightmares of that night seeing her fathers body wither away from his huge amounts of blood loss. Rose swore to solve every murder and crime assigned to her, and to possibly find and arrest the person that murdered her father. They say he now lives here in New York. They were never caught that night, so by finding this person Rose Maria would be able to avenge her parents death a throw the person who did it into jail.

Dislikes: not being revealed because she does not want people to know her weaknesses.

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quq  (190511) Approved!

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Name: Akari Cadwell

Age: 16

Personality: She's sweet, caring, and loyal. She gets angered easily and is sometimes very forgetful. She's observant and easily inspired and motivated.

History: Akari grew up as the second oldest with two younger siblings, Yuki and Katzu. Their parents were cruel and abused the children. Whenever a new baby was born, however, they could not hurt Them for fear of killing them and getting arrested. One day, they got in a car crash. The parents died and Akari and their siblings got injured. Yuki lost her left eye, while Akari and her brothers got a few broken bones. Her elder brother, Kei, had gotten a concussion. Whenever they were released from the hospital, they were sent to live with an Uncle. Akari was 13 at the time. Their uncle was a former agent, however by the time they met him he had retired and became a teacher. The 4 siblings were greatly inspired by the stories he told. In the end they all decided to become agents together.

Appearance: description

Likes: Sweets, her sister

Dislikes: Bitter Things, Bad parents, Killers

Other: She's very protective over Yuki

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quq  (190511) Beautiful 👏🏻

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Name: Yukino Kiera Cadwell

Age: 13

Personality: She's sweet and kind. Seemingly, She's mature for her age, but that's just a farce, she just hardly lets negative feelings show. She's always hid her emotions, and whenever she was sick or lonely, she would pretend she was ok.

History: Yuki had hid her feelings for as long as she could remember. She was youngest and didn't want to cause trouble for the others, However whenever Yuki lied and said she was fine, her sister, Akari would always see through her lies. During the accident, Yuki lost her left eye and her cruel parents died. Her uncle sent her and her siblings to school, though they were all in different grades. Yuki was always alone because of it and was often bullied. She came to hate school and the people who inherited it. She studied hard though, and found herself skipping 3 grades, and was finally in a class with Akari. Not long after they promised to become agents together.

Appearance: description

Likes: Animals, Cute things, sweets, Mysteries, Acting, Music, Fairytales

Dislikes: Bitter things, Murder, School.

Fears: The Dark, Water(Can't swim), Bugs, Scary People

Theme Song: Happy Ending by Nightcore
Other: She wears an eye patch on her left eye. She's blind in that eye.

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