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message 1: by Jw (new)

Jw | 16 comments A collection of short story's by king and his school friend Chris Chesley. Below are the names of kings featuring story's.

I'm falling - lost for years
Dimension warp - lost for years
The thing at the bottom of the well
I've got to get away - rewritten as the killer
The cursed expedition
The other side of the fog
The hotel at the end of the street
Never look behind you

That's all of them I think correct me if I'm wrong

message 2: by Becky (new)

Becky (beckyofthe19and9) Source? This collection is not listed on King's website and I've never heard of it or any of these stories.

message 3: by Jw (new)

Jw | 16 comments You should really look around a bit more this exists, look in rocky woods uncollected unpublished stephen king book or have a bigger search around online, I will even post a story, they can be found

message 4: by Jw (new)

Jw | 16 comments I and I forgot to say that this was done in the early days of king

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