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Ancillary Mercy (Imperial Radch, #3)
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Allison Hurd | 13034 comments Mod
We've finished a series!! How do you feel about that? Was it a satisfying conclusion for you? Thoughts on the overall journey and messages?

Ariana | 657 comments I had such a good time re-reading this series. I thought Ancillary Mercy did a good job of bridging the gap between the huge scale of the first book and the much smaller scale of the second.

I did feel like Breq was awfully optimistic about the ability to govern by committee at the end of the book... A few years (decades?) of that and I can see citizens clamoring for another (hopefully benevolent?) dictator to take over just so they can get things done.

Bobby | 869 comments Just finished, and I was pleased with the ending. It resolved the immediate problems, but it definitely didn't completely conclude the story of these characters. There is obviously plenty of material for a future series.

In the first book, I drove myself crazy trying to imagine what the characters looked like, because the descriptions really weren't very good. We would get a very vague description of someone when we first met them, but then nothing for the entire rest of the book. In the next two, I decided to let that go, and it helped me enjoy the books a lot more. I just had to associate them with their names only instead of their names and an image in my head. The only two characters who were actually described multiple times were Tisarwat because of her eyes, and Celar because of her size. Everyone else was slender, with varying shades of brown eyes, and varying shades of brown skin.

I know the author was trying to get people to judge characters mostly by their actions instead of their gender or physical attributes, but it was my least favorite part about the series. I need a book where the characters features are well defined, and repeated or elaborated on enough for it to sink in.

That being said, I liked the story so much that it didn't bother me too much after I got used to it (I just had to rant). I'll be happy to go back to more traditional styles of writing, but I'm glad I read this series, and I would read more if a sequel series is ever written.

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