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message 1: by Mark (new)

Mark Lawrence (marklawrence) | 369 comments Mod
Adrian died back in January but I only just found out. I knew he was terminally ill and had been for some years.

His book Nod was quite divisive, probably because of the strong literary edge, and perhaps (to many) unsatisfying ending. But I really liked it. My review is listed.

message 2: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Jackson | 24 comments That is terrible news. Nod is on my reading list this year, based on the merit of your review. It's a sad thing to find a worthy and engaging author, only to realize their contributions are so finite. From what I can tell, Nod was his debut.

message 3: by Helen (new)

Helen | 10 comments I hadn't heard that he died although I knew he was ill, I'm pretty sure it was on the author page of the book. Which is really good although horrifying - lack of sleep!!

message 4: by Ciara (new)

Ciara Houghton | 8 comments Very sorry to hear about your friend. His book looks really interesting, and I'm looking forward to the read.

Craig Houghton

message 5: by Paul (new)

Paul Vance | 2 comments I was on the fence with Nod, as much as I liked it, I also had issues with it. For me the more interesting read was the short essay at the back detailing the authors thought process when he was diagnosed with his health issues, if you can get a copy with that I would highly recommend it.

message 6: by Marilyn (last edited Jun 15, 2018 05:23PM) (new)

Marilyn Peake (marilynpeake) | 3 comments I'm so sorry to hear that your friend has died. Literary and Fantasy are two of my favorite genres and Nod sounds fascinating.

message 7: by Mark (new)

Mark Lawrence (marklawrence) | 369 comments Mod
Just to be clear, I never knew Adrian Barnes, I was just an admirer of his book and taken up with his personal story because of the piece at the end about his diagnosis and struggles.

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