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Jess | 35 comments
I’ll be doing all the nice formatting stuff tomorrow it’s currently 1am and I am t i r e d. Also a name change is probably going to happen more than once so bear with me

Formatting is happening, also like I suspected I've already changed the name. I'm not a huge fan of the last image used so maybe ill go back and change that later.


t.h.i.n.g.s. a.b.o.u.t. m.e.
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m.y. c.o.n.t.e.n.t.
Alright well welcome to my journal! It's basically going to be a dump place for... well for pretty much everything. I’ll be posting my daily thoughts, rants, short film reviews, song reviews, poems, and whatever else I think of. Posts with possible triggers will be tagged accordingly let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to tag. People are free to talk with me on here as long as you don’t spam.


Previous Titles

1) Bloom Baby Bloom
2) Bubble Double Disco Queen

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Jess | 35 comments
That last image is seriously bothering me, but I can’t fix it rn fml

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Jess | 35 comments
Jekyll & Hyde: The Gothic Musical The Thrillers is lit. If you haven’t listened to it I highly recommend it. Maybe I’ll do an individual breakdown of songs later. All around rating 4.8/5

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Jess | 35 comments
OMG Jon Cozart posted his 3rd After Ever After yesterday!!!! Link and review will be coming shortly after I watch it five times

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Jess | 35 comments
Jon Cozart's After Ever After 3 Review
Warnings: Mild sexual themes, Religious Themes, Mentions of suicide, Mentions of violence

Honestly I've been waiting for this since the second one came out in 2014. As always Jon talent shines through, the harmonies were fantastic, his lyrics were clever, and he put a fun twist that differs from his other videos (If you haven't seen them I suggest you watch those ones as well.)

Favorite Lyrics

(view spoiler)

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Jess | 35 comments
I haven't listened to T Swift in forever now I've got a couple of her songs in my head mood: severely annoyed

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Jess | 35 comments
We Are Animals Review
Warnings: Blood, Violence, Sex Scene (Sort of)

This short film took me for a ride. I don't know what I was expecting, but it certainly was not this. This short film is... unique, it's gritty, bold, and it will almost certainly make you uncomfortable once or twice. The imagery is fantastic and the topic was straight out of a dystopian novel. Basically, I can't get enough of it, I've rewatched it several times. Anyways that's my two cents. Rating 5/5

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Jess | 35 comments
My computer is being a bitch

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Jess | 35 comments
Made an aesthetic for a new character and I'm kind of in love with it




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Jess | 35 comments
I called my parents earlier today and my siblings saw a rainbow and in the distant I could hear my dad saying "How could that happen naturally?" And then "And it doesn't represent the lgbt or whatever they call themselves now."

Like seriously dad you're a homophobe I g e t it

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Jess | 35 comments
When you spell something, and autocorrect says it's wrong then you check, and guess what? It was right. Fuck you autocorrect.

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Jess | 35 comments
My sexuality throughout high school

Freshman: I'm Straight
Early Sophomore: I'm HetAce
Late Sophomore: I'm BiAce
Early Junior: Idk man, but I'm not straight
Late: Preetty sure I'm Bi
Senior: Fuck man I'm BI Whoop Whoop!

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Jess | 35 comments
I may go to my first pride event this year

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Jess | 35 comments
It's sad that almost three years after I move out that I still sometimes use safe search to look up stuff that has to do with being lgbt+. It proves that the harmful shit people do will stick with you

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