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My Man Jeeves (Jeeves, #1)
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Em*Greedy* (Iniya) (iniya_n) Time for some humour and fun in our monotonous life... This in mind, we(read me and my buddy) went in search of a humorous book.. and consultation with EXPERTS in this arena, we arrived at this one.. Seeing at the awesome ratings given by our GURUS, here we are, ready to begin our journey to know jeeves..

Join us in discussion and reading.. We are starting today.. no problem if you cant start today.. after all, there can never be limits or deadlines for reading..!!!! :-D:-D

Hajarath Prasad Abburu (hajarath) | 9236 comments Yayy buddy :D :D

Em*Greedy* (Iniya) (iniya_n) yayyy :-D :-D

Sumit Singla (sumitsingla) Count me in for this too!

Em*Greedy* (Iniya) (iniya_n) sure sumit :-)

Smitha (embeddedinbooks) | 2936 comments My favorite
(rather, one of my favorites)

Bhavya Mathur Oh, how I love the book :)

Uday Kanth (udayk) | 53 comments I'm in too! I've already read My Man Jeeves but am interested in reading other Jeeves books!

Hajarath Prasad Abburu (hajarath) | 9236 comments *demands reading updates from all *

Smitha (embeddedinbooks) | 2936 comments *you first :-)*

Srividya Vijapure (theinkedmermaid) Hahahaha Smitha ..good one :) :)

Hajarath Prasad Abburu (hajarath) | 9236 comments I finished :D :D :D check out my review :P But don't chase me after that :P *runs away *

Smitha (embeddedinbooks) | 2936 comments No review from me other than the fact that I really really liked it a lot as it was read by me a long, long ago, before the Good Reads Era.
For an honest review will have to reread it :/

Hajarath Prasad Abburu (hajarath) | 9236 comments Hulk, Uday where are you? Updates please :|

message 15: by Uday (new) - rated it 4 stars

Uday Kanth (udayk) | 53 comments Hey I've already finished this one a long time back!! Anyone up to read the second book The Inimitable Jeeves??

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