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message 1: by Mfonemana (new)

Mfonemana Uduak | 5 comments Hi there,
I have been reviewing web novels for years now on my blog

So, too much Asian fantasy and wuxia fried my brain, so I needed to cool off. But like every normal person, I cool off by jumping into a different kind of book. So I have created a blog to review western fantasy, romance, sci-fi and YA. Seeking a goodreads review?

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message 2: by James (new)

James Lande (oldchinabooks) | 3 comments Hi Mfonemana,

Read a few chapters first (easy to do on Amazon) and then
If you're still interested try a review. Take many notes as you
read, if you do. Else, don't waste your time on a book like mine.


message 3: by Mfonemana (new)

Mfonemana Uduak | 5 comments I'm not quite sure I understand you. Are you advising or reccomending a book for review? Either way, I don't mind. No book is a waste of time.

message 4: by James (new)

James Lande (oldchinabooks) | 3 comments Jus' tryin' to save yas some grief, m'dere.

message 5: by Mfonemana (new)

Mfonemana Uduak | 5 comments Okay

message 6: by James (new)

James Lande (oldchinabooks) | 3 comments Hi Antoinette,
Thanks for the invite, howsomeever I'm overtaxed by the few reviews I already do for books related to my own. And you could look for a reviewer with more chops in the area your book touches on. With you, I can hope your book will be of help to younger folks still grappling with such things. In my case I'm past the struggle having done little more than weather it, and I can already see the end. Haven't any insights to offer. Ciao.

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