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Neither Snow nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service
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Archive: Other Books > Neither Snow nor Rain: A History of the United State Postal Service - Devin Leonard - 3 stars

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Jason Oliver | 2097 comments I read this for my June Decathlon challenge. I left Sales to work at the post office and move back "home".

I would call this book a brief history of the USPS. It starts by briefly mentioning the history of delivering mail from the beginning of delivering messages, covers Benjamin Franklin, the innovative measures of the USPS and how vital it is to the function of the United States on a personal, corporate, and government level. Then it gets into the follies of the USPS and the politics throughout the years, where the USPS is at now and where it is headed and it covered the "going postal" of the 90s.

I learned quite a bit and to be honest it has changed my view of the Postal Service, some for the good, some not. It cleared up some misconceptions and pointed blame in other areas. There were a few points I would of have liked more or any information on. The innovations of the 80s and 90s are very briefly mentioned and the USPS cycling team the politics of that are completly skipped over.

I first I thought this was going to be a 100% biased and pro USPS book, but it changes as more and more mistakes, both as a business and politically, were made. Enjoyable read and informative but I left wanting a bit more.

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Hahtoolah | 439 comments Thanks for your review. it sounds interesting.

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