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Tomago  | 6 comments The Lawyer was driving down the road looking for the last living member of the Family Member of the client ue had been working for. Heading to the slums, he had a feeling he would find this person there. Getting out of his BMW he starts walking around to taking out two pictures, one of the estate and the other of the woman he was looking for. He started asking around. "Hello, has any one seen Ms. Smith? Excuse me is there a Ms. Smith here?" The Lawyer asked showing the picture of the woman around, it was a bit faded so he would not be surprised if no one could recognize the photo.

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Tomago  | 6 comments "Thank you Sir," the Lawyer said then returned to his BMW and went to the location the man spoke of. This location looked even worse, getting out of his car he again started with the questions asking about the girl, this time Using both first and last name to ask about her. Showed the photo to a few more people hoping she was near, after this was the last day to find this woman before the estate gets bought by the bank.

After some time he finds a bench to sit down on looking at the photo. "this is useless, this girl does not appear to be here ether." The lawyer muttered to himself.

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Tomago  | 6 comments The Lawyer not looking over handed her the picture of the woman not realizing he was talking to the very person he was looking for. "Her name is Silver Smith and I have just under twenty-four hours to find her. She has a very large Estate waiting for her and a very large sum of cash." The Lawyer explained. Letting out a deep breath he takes the photo back while getting back to his feet.

"I guess it was to much to ask for to find this woman." The Lawyer said and started to walk back to his car slowly as if something was telling him to not leave. Stopping for a moment he turns around to speak to the woman. He instantly noticed she looked very close to the woman on the photo, granted the girl on the picture would only be around 13 when it was taken but there was no mistaking how similar the two looked, so much so it could be the same person.

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Tomago  | 6 comments "Miss this is a very serious ordeal, there is an Estate in the Upper State. My Clinets hired me to find their last living relative. From my understanding your mother and Father died in a fire shortly after this photo. The people that hired me also Hired Mr. Jackson to take this photo. They are not direct Family. From what they said you are a distant cousin or something along those lines. other then that all I know is I have to bring you to the estate so you can sign papers to claim the money and the home. *Letting out a deep sigh* now of you don't wish to come the house will be turned over to the bank and the funds will go to the state" the lawyer explained. Now if silver wanted to believe him that was up to her, after all he had no reason to lie to this girl.

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Tomago  | 6 comments "haha. this is just my work cloths, I swear I have shot more Katchup and mustard on this old suit then I care to count." The Lawyer said going over to his BMW. "It's in the Hills, it's very pretty home." The lawyer continued and opened up the passenger side door. "So care to take a ride, so you you can take a look." The Lawyer asked and waited for her response with a warm smile.

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Tomago  | 6 comments The Lawyer shook his head with a smile "Don't worry Silver. I have no reason to bring harm to you. Now please enjoy the ride. "What kind of Music do you like?" He asked as he started down the road. He handed Silver his phone so she could pick what she was into.

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Tomago  | 6 comments ((give me a bit family over))

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Tomago  | 6 comments "so miss, what do you know about this house we are going to? What I can tell you is it's huge, three floors, two basemens, a dungeon. I have even heard stories of hidden passageways in the walls." The lawyer said as they continued to drive to the location.

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Tomago  | 6 comments "well to be honest I have no idea why that is needed, the house was built back in the dark ages and as time progressed the house was deconstructed and rebuild to match each era of time. Well at least until the last owners died" the Lawyer said pulling up the long drive way and parked in front of the steps. "Home sweet home" said the lawyer.

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Tomago  | 6 comments "so I'm sure you want to know who Owens the house? Well after you signed the papers it's yours." The lawyer said with a smile walking past her to open up the home. Sticking the key into the door he turned as the door popped open. "Are you coming?" He asked heading inside. The Lawyer was glade she was happy with with house, but at the same time he could not wait to get off the property from some of the rumors he has heared.

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Tomago  | 6 comments "No Staff, as they all left after the original owners died, but I have been instructed to give you a number to call once the house and Funds have been transferred to your account. Oh you don't have a bank account, now you do" the Lawyer said handing over an envelope with a bank card inside. "Now, all that is left is for you to sign the papers and the house is yours." The Lawyer said taking out a larger envelope with a thick stack of work. "Now I'm not going to bore you with all the bullshit, just signed here, here and here." The lawyer said flipping though the pages and making an X were silver needed to sign.

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Tomago  | 6 comments "well, the numbers on the front are the card number and the expiration date. And the 3 numbers on the back or the security code. That's more important when you're making online purchases." The lawyer said. Unless you mean the phone Number, that's so you can call the listed company to hire your staff to keep up with the house." He continued.

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Tomago  | 6 comments "well most debit card have an expire date then the bank will send you a new one. They are normally good for about four years." The Lawyer said looking at all the paperwork to make sure she did not miss anything. "Very good, I will file and turn these in for you and Soo as they go through the house is yours, I mean it's yours now but I'm sure you get what I'm saying." The lawyer said and stood up extending his hand to shake hers. "It was a pleasure meeting you mam." Was the last thing he said before leaving.

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Tomago  | 6 comments Figuring she did not have a phone the Lawyer left and extra phone on the table already connected to the bank account so she did not have to worry about trying to pay the Bill. With a note attached, reading, "Good luck with your new house, I wish the best for you but what ever you do please do not remove the bricks that have sealed the basement. What ever you do, do not enter the damn basement." Signed The Lawyer, not a real name or even some sort of fake name but literally the lawyer.

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