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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan Fall | 1 comments My name is Megan Fall, and support advised me to contact you. I am a Wattpad and Inkitt author and am now publishing my books. When I went to add the first 2, I found another account with my name and most of my books already added. It appears someone opened an account in my name and added my books. There are no links to the books or covers, but I didn’t give anyone permission to do this. Only 2 are published, but when I add them, they go to her page. Support put the 2 published books back on my page, but every book I add will go to hers. I want the page taken down. I hold copyrights to the books and she shouldn’t be allowed to do this. You can clearly see which site is which, mine having the clearly 2 published books on it. I want to publish the rest of my books, but want them to go up on my page. I tried messaging the girl, and putting comments under the books, but she won’t answer. It would be wonderful if you could help me with this incredibly upsetting and frustrating situation. Her page needs to be taken down. As I said, she did all this without my permission, and it’s a form of stealing!!!

message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments Big miss-understanding here. That is the default page that all books added with the default of one-space and all imported books go to.

These books were not stollen, it looks like a user who must of read them added the to GR which is a completely valid thing to do. In reality you should have claimed the profile that all those books were on, since they are all yours.

Actually what it looks like is that a user created place holder entries for all your books, because they were created about 3 months ago. If you have announced that they were going to be released and stated the names and information anywhere that happens all the time and is common.

Since all these books have shelvings and by what you are saying they are all going to be released there is not a librarian that will delete them. Now once the real version is released then these would get merged/combined and all shelvings and reviews will be attached.

I am going to put a request in to get the 2 profiles merged since they are all your books, and you are the only author on GR with that name.

message 3: by rivka, Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45515 comments Mod
Megan wrote: "support advised me to contact you."

If you need assistance moving other books to your profile, not for legal issues. Goodreads Librarians are not employees of Goodreads, but volunteers. They cannot assist you with legal issues. You'll need to email Support again with those.

Closing thread.

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