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message 1: by Lou, Book Queen (last edited Jun 14, 2018 01:00PM) (new)

Lou (aliceinbagend) | 527 comments Mod
Your top 5 favourite characters?

(I love these all the same--they're not in any particular order)
Lazlo Strange
Dorian Havilliard
Percy Jackson
Sherlock Holmes

message 2: by Riley (new)

Riley (woowreallly) Darrow

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

In no particular order bc I love all of them to pieces:
Jem Carstairs
Remus Lupin
Sam from LotR
Chaol Westfall

⭐Anny⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) | 175 comments Finnick Odair (will always be my no 1!)
Will Herondale
Jem Carstairs
Nik Malikov
and I cannot for the life of me decide on a number 5. Whoever I'd chose, it'd always feel like I'd be leaving someone out.

message 5: by Riley (new)

Riley (woowreallly) Ikr?

⭐Anny⭐ (Book Princess) (annithebookprincess) | 175 comments PsychPluralize wrote: "Ikr?"

the struggle is real... there are too many amazing (male) characters out there!

Lora (on hiatus) | 106 comments 1. Rhysand
2. Rowan
3. Warner
4. Four
5. Kai

message 8: by Riley (new)

Riley (woowreallly) What's 4?

message 9: by Cordelianne (new)

Cordelianne | 97 comments PsychPluralize wrote: "What's 4?"

Theo James from Divergent

message 10: by Mar ✨ (new)

Mar ✨ (carstairslover) | 101 comments 1.- Jem Carstairs
2.-Damian Castle
3.- Tiberias "Cal" Calore
4.- Peeta Mellark
5.- Four

message 11: by Cii (new)

Cii (ciireads) 1. Maven Calore
2. Clancy Gray
3. Four
4. Peeta Melark
5. Newt

message 12: by Cii (new)

Cii (ciireads) eugh I have too many...

message 13: by Book Thief (new)

Book Thief (bookthief404) Why do you people ask these difficult questions. This is like choosing a favourite child. But uh, I still did it. XD
- Leo Valdez (Rick Riordan books)
- Sirius Black (especially in his Marauder years)
- George Lovelace (Shadowhunter Academy)
- Magnus Bane (Shadowhunter series)
- Millard (Miss Peregrines Home...)

message 14: by Mar ✨ (new)

Mar ✨ (carstairslover) | 101 comments Siama wrote: "eugh I have too many..."
Can I write five more? haha

message 15: by Kelly Rose (new)

Kelly Rose | 55 comments 1. Aragorn
2. Aragorn
3. Aragorn
4. Aragorn
5. Aragorn

Lol no I'm kidding or am I?

1. Aragorn
2. Mr. Darcy
3. Sherlock Holmes
4. Frank Churchill
5. Wilfred of Ivanhoe

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