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Miriamgreen | 3 comments am not certain why could not reply to individualsi do us
QNPoohBear for many reviews, and of course all your mentioned authors have
been read and reread, am not interested in sorcery of juvenile and have read Jude Morgan's titles that have been published, when I say escape from trump it is like escape from new york. sometimes up till 4am, try not to read during day at the shop but cannot help it. go home watch one news program and then to the book.
am happy to note that Quinn is about to start a new series from latest cousin of Brigerton which found delightful. it seems she is setting the stage.
candice hern proper companion was perfect. read at least four times this past year. I have tried googling witty funny clean etc and gone to images which show book jackets, disappointing as they are not clean not witty and certainly not funny. google search fails. am not interested in paranormal or young adult that does not have the dialogue.
the last Brigerton book on the way to the wedding was disappointing but desperation drives one on.
and Good Ton is apparently down again.

in response to C
have read all your titles except for the Darcy, am not a fan
of trying to expand on the unapproachable Jane Austen
does anyone know where this message will end up?
thanks to all
have read all your suggestions except for Darcy

googling with images is interesting and have found several little known authors that way. I suspect am just hostage to the best of the genre, and that means a smile, laugh out loud, and a fun read. Lady Fiasco and that series was fun, but it was just a threesome. recommended highly.
as i am not certain how to post on this site i started new topic of rant. if someone could direction me how to post under clean witty romance or comedy of manners would be grateful. am grateful to goodreads for all your assistance in finding books

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QNPoohBear | 56 comments I have a Regency Romance shelf you can browse and add "kisses only" shelf to hopefully find something new. I understand your feelings and turn to Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer for comfort.

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