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Pynchon el Duderino.

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message 1: by Pavel (last edited Aug 15, 2009 02:26PM) (new)

Pavel Kravchenko (pavelk) | 96 comments I always thought he was an asshole, but after this trailer, and most importantly, his voice, I can't help but like the guy a little for some reason.

message 2: by Patrick, The Special School Bus Rider (new)

Patrick (horrorshow) | 269 comments Mod
I never thought he would go from Gravity's Rainbow to doing something like a John Macdonald novel.

message 3: by Pavel (new)

Pavel Kravchenko (pavelk) | 96 comments ... Yeah, so that's actually his voice, and I thought it was pretty neat that Pynchon sounds like the Dude.

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