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Arianna Lekhraj | 136 comments Mod
Comment your thoughts!!

Nicole (a_loverofbooks) (a_loverofbooks) | 170 comments Mod
Dara is really starting to annoy me now! The whole love sick puppy thing with Matt? No! She’s never shown interest in boys at school, but this farm boy she’s swooning for? UGH! And the two of them are seriously making me cringe! SHe’s know him for a few days?! And I don’t like how she’s being rude about her Mum to basically a complete stranger… And letting him be rude back!

That is SO dramatic! Mellie didn’t “ruin” Dara’s life. I am sorry but no. I love Sam and Dara is annoying the hell out of me right now.

But thank you Dara for not having sex with Matt and thank you for phoning Mellie. Now apologise to Sam girl!

Shout out to RuPaul! Have any of you watched RuPaul’s Drag Race?! Me and my boyfriend have almost caught up on like 10 seasons. It’s so good and he is so inspirational and I love him!

The way the Hogan’s treated Mellie is heartbreaking.

The bonding between Dara and her grandparents is sweet and I really like them. But Dara is not thinking about Mellie. Just her tennis career. And I understand that she is 18 and she would be going off to college anyway and it is time for her o start her life but she should at least see her Mum again. The note they left things on was not healthy and you can’t really repair that through a phone call.

It was weird of her to mention them sponsoring her after literally just meeting them. It’s not something I personally would feel comfortable asking…

And I think, as harsh as it sounds, Dara deserved Sam walking out. He is sweet and kind and she really did take advantage of him. I hope they make up. But she should NOT have let him take the bus! She should have offered to drive him and said something like, I need to go home and see my Mum before I rush into living with my grandparents anyway and talk to them about it. YOU KNOW?! Or is it just me?

And I’m sorry but hold up. Have I got this right?! Let me put this into perspective. Dara is just abandoning her life, her job, her Mum, her coach, Sam, to live with her grandparents? No. Not. Okay. I can’t help but feel like if they didn’t have money, this would not be the case.

As heartbreaking as they are, the letters from Mellie are what I look forward to in this book.

Maria Lopez | 85 comments Mod
Nicole I’m with you 100% Dara is being a brat. She’s so selfish and all she cares about is the money her grandparents are throwing.
Matt is awful! I can’t believe she made out with him after he basically insulted her mother. Dara is TRASHHHHH!

I still don’t trust the grandparents..

My poor Sam! Dara doesn’t deserve him!

Also my heart breaks for the mom! I can’t even imagine going through that.

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