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message 1: by OBC (new)

OBC  | 316 comments Mod
What are your thoughts so far? Before being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death, Anthony Ray Hinton was in trouble with the law for stealing a car. Does this in any way make you less sympathetic to his plight?

Also, check out an intimate conversation with Oprah and Anthony Ray Hinton in the July issue of O, The Oprah Magazine on newsstands today.

message 2: by Niecy (new)

Niecy M. (emorton211) | 5 comments No because he's a product of his environment. If he wasn't taught correctly you can't bash him for his lack of street knowledge or proper sense in deciphering what's the correct way verses the incorrect way.

message 3: by Natasha (new)

Natasha (ahsatan82) | 4 comments I didn't feel less sympathetic, especially because there have been people who have a worse criminal record and aren't incarcerated let alone wrongfully placed on death row.

I'll look for that article for sure. I enjoyed listening to his story but saddened that he was robbed of so much of his life due to this faulty justice system. I pray his story impacts those who have a say in improving the system.

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) No, the knowledge that he was in trouble for stealing a car does not make me feel less sympathetic. Stealing a car does not seem to justify a wrongful conviction and being sentenced to death.

message 5: by Sherry (new)

Sherry B (goodreadscomsherryb) | 2 comments Like that game Grandtheft auto, you don’t get in any trouble at all but out here in the real world it’s a different story and look like this character took that path and then paid the consequences. Now we know in the courts in the justice system we have wall-to-wall racial bias period.

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JoAnn Lord Koff | 5 comments Wow, Congrats

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Billy Barnum | 4 comments Thanks

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Simone Faith (simonefaith) | 11 comments Well people are victims of their up bringing. We can’t always choose our parents with that said you always have a choice. To do or not to do that is the question.

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Simone Faith (simonefaith) | 11 comments Please add Bloopy by Simone faith.

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Billy Barnum | 4 comments I think "Move Over Shakespeare Tales From The Baron" should be on the Oprah Book Club List.

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H. James (h_melvin_james) | 21 comments Hello, I just joined this group so this is my introduction. After retiring from industry I wrote an epic two-volume literary fiction novel, "Tares among the Wheat." It is available at most on-line booksellers. Info at: https://fultonbooks.com/books/?book=t... Video Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmyPz... I describe my novel as "classic fiction." It includes mystery, romance, adventure, history, mystic, intrigue, and tragedy.

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Mamie Smith | 1 comments Hello,

My name is Mamie Smith, Ed.D. I am delighted to become a member of this group! Thanks for the confirmation!

In response:

There is a marked difference between stealing a car and killing someone. I am not sure "sympathetic" is the word I would use, but certainly I am not less committed to seeing an innocent man taken off death row for a crime he did not commit because he stole a car.

African Americans typically spend more time in prison or are sentenced to death for crimes they did not commit for many reasons...one being lack of proper defense.

The wheels of justice move very slowly in America.

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Simone Faith (simonefaith) | 11 comments Re: Bloopy by Simone Faith in Feedspot Top 100 Christian Youtube Channels

message 20: by Simone (new)

Simone Faith (simonefaith) | 11 comments Justice appears to be unfair. The real question. Can justice be fair?

message 21: by Samuel (new)

Samuel Yinn | 3 comments The justice was unfair because Anthony was African American. Facts

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message 24: by Hope (new)

Hope Farley | 6 comments Billy wrote: "I think "Move Over Shakespeare Tales From The Baron" should be on the Oprah Book Club List."

What is the process for submitting book ideas for the list? do you know how they choose?

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anusha_reads | 39 comments Hi my name is Anu, new to the group. it took some time to find out where i have to introduce myself, i am very happy to read about new writes and voracious readers.

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Hi my name is Abby but my Goodreads name is Meliodas lol
I'm also new to the group, and don't know much about it.

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Sarah Shahin | 8 comments help..
can someone please start the discussion thread for this month's book recommendation by Oprah ''Deacon king kong''

message 30: by Carol (new)

Carol (xenots) | 45 comments I really loved it. I lived in NYC area for 30 years and it is pretty accurate on the descriptions of the hood (projects) there were always truff "wars" Life and death was real. Don't stand still you could get hit with anything including a bullet.

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J.S. Jones | 6 comments It's all about the kids. Learning them early that life is fun and great and full of wonder. As they get older we learn them about the world, but until then we give them happiness.

Hey, new one here, I'm a writer, screenwriter (ha, poor), reader, lover of books and creating. I made 2 picture books a while ago for my friends and family that had new kids during Christmas time cuz I couldn't figure out what to buy them. Ha!

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Geo Scare (geoscare) | 5 comments I am new to this group discussion. I am a new reality fiction author, psychiatrist, husband and father. My other interests are spirituality, philosophy and religion as evidenced by Bipolar Oneness and Geoscare. When I am not busy with my practice I find time (make time) to enter into communion with my soul for surrendering inspiration and wholeness. I accept without judgment as best attitude toward forgiveness, peace and miracle readiness state of heart and mind.

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Geo Scare (geoscare) | 5 comments forgot to mention the site: www.geoscare.com

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Asa Rodriguez (asarodriguez) Why do people divorce?? Why do people fight?? Why do people seek politics, religion, and other fanaticism?? The answer is 'Major lack of understanding.' Without understanding people fall into anger, envy, fear, intimidation, shyness, and all sorts of anxious behavior which destroy their lives and the lives of others. Understanding is the purpose of this life.

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message 35: by [deleted user] (new)

I feel more so sympathetic.
I feel more so suspicious of his "White Folk".

I also am looking at the guy as perfectly innocent.
I do.

I think he was caught being black.
I do.
The same way: I have been caught being white a time or twenty or thirty.

Autotheft: is a common criminal charge ascribed to persons who have been a sober sister or a sober driver. When a sober sister is backstabbed by a drug addict: the "good guy" frequently catches criminal charges.

Nobody in today's age really steals cars or is even willing to steal a car: mostly because of anti-theft systems.

Auto Theft charges: can and often do occur when someone sits there, looks at someone drunk in a bar (Say "Suki's Bar and Grill" in Portland) and says "you drunk, gimme your car keys. NOW!"

When someone takes someone's car keys by force to prevent them from driving home or to prevent them from sleeping in their car....

That's auto theft.
It truly is.
It saved their life, but it's autotheft.

So who's life did Anthony Ray Hinton save by killing someone?
Who's life did he save by stealing a car?

What's his black ass doing?
I think he's doing good like his mamma and Jesus Christ done told him to....
and he is in trouble for it.

So: who are the white devils nipping at his heels?
Let me talk to them.

message 36: by Christine (new)

Christine Giovannelli | 2 comments I’m a lawyer and I didn’t feel sympathy until I represented someone in a criminal case. He was a product of his environment and it was really sad.

message 37: by JCM (new)

JCM SEDNA | 52 comments I am of the opinion that I have no opinion for I have not walked in his shoes and therefore, am not well enough informed to judge.

message 38: by Emma (new)

Emma Morgen (emmamorgen) | 1 comments I am publishing a near 20 years collection of poetry and 8 years of black and white photography that glances upon the textured relations of love. It is titled 'The Ritual To Grow Love'. Half of the proceeds will go to an indigenous group of women leaders from the Amazon rainforest, that I have been working with in ceremonies. This novel is a dedication to many, one of which is my mother for her inspiration and lessons of compassion.


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Belynda Thomas (belyndawilsonthomas) | 10 comments Hi Ally
I have looked up Book-Talks. I will see what happens with it.

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Tamara Kulish | 9 comments I’m expecting my producer/narrator to finish recording my audio book soon. Is this a good place to let people know when it goes live?

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Monika Martyn | 13 comments Where is everyone? Oh, right. They're out buying my book or already reading it. Tell your friends, https://www.amazon.com/Lucky-Man-Act-...
Not even Oprah can see this plot twist coming.
Shameless self-promotion.

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Monika Martyn | 13 comments Just thought I would share this:
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message 45: by L.C. (new)

L.C. Riley (iamlcriley) No, it does not. He was wrongfully convicted and now he's being sentenced to death. If anything, I'd feel terrible for him because I can't imagine facing death for anything—let alone, something that I didn't do. Trying to taint someone's image as a distraction from what is a wrongful conviction is deceiving, which is all too common.

message 46: by Monika (new)

Monika Martyn | 13 comments So I woke up this morning to find a note from someone who just read my fresh off the press debut novel, https://www.amazon.com/Lucky-Man-Act-...
and they loved it! Their comments indicated that they got every element I put into the words. And the best part: they never saw the twist coming.

message 47: by Hilary (new)

Hilary McElwaine | 3 comments OBC wrote: "What are your thoughts so far? Before being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death, Anthony Ray Hinton was in trouble with the law for stealing a car. Does this in any way make you less sympat..."
Hi there, I am new to Goodreads and my name is Hilary.
Every crime needs to be judged appropriately but miscarriages of justice are terrible and getting rid of death sentencing would be a start.
Cost of representation is a problem mainly for victims and needs to be addressed to ensure defence and prosecution are on an even keel.
I see the car theft as a totally separate issue and the focus needs to be on how he came to convicted for something he didn't do.

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Nicholas | 1 comments Great new addiction memoir on Amazon titled “a mothers man”

message 49: by Monika (new)

Monika Martyn | 13 comments To my fellow authors on Goodreads. I'm absolutely heartbroken to share this, but I have now received three extortion attempts from Goodreads members. I have advised Goodreads and hope that they can spare others from having to experience this ordeal.

And since I'm a writer, I've also learned to be a fighter.

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May (mayzie) | 456 comments Wow!! That is nasty!!!

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