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Little Shop of Horrors and Ironcastle

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Will Emmons | 40 comments Mod
I don't know who all is familiar with the 1986 movie musical Little Shop of Horrors (based on an earlier non-musical film). I was rewatching some scenes from it on YouTube yesterday and it just now occurred to me there's at least one link between the singing planet monster and the hybrids of Gondoroko. In the movie the singing plant cannot be fed dead meat and subsists on fresh blood. This is similar to the hybrids in Ironcastle which had this amusing quip near the end:

"Then these brutes are vampires," Sydney growled, disgustedly.

"Not in the legendary sense," Darnley said, and he laughed.

Anthony (talekyn) | 8 comments Considering how recently I read Ironcastle, and that Little Shop is one of my favorite musicals, I can't believe I didn't make that connection. Good on you! (Now, I wonder if the plant makes such a statement in the original film as well...)

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Will Emmons | 40 comments Mod
Clearly Muriel Marenga (nee Ironcastle)'s child was involved with b-movies in the fifties and sixties.

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