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Am I the only one who shipped Nick and Cath?
Stella Stella Jul 31, 2014 10:47PM
I actually shipped them when reading one-third of the book.

I never liked Nick. It was pretty obvious he was using Cath and didn't care about her (why else would he NEVER offer to walk her home or meet with her to do anything other than write). I am a devout Levi fan. And part of why I love him is because he screwed up and admitted it. He's not perfect, but he's perfect for Cath.

I actually was having an internal battle between who I thought Cath should be wih during the first part of the book. I thought Levi was with Reagan and Nick was just perfect for her. However, after the the whole thing about their story made me dislike him greatly and I was 100% Team Levi.

Mee too! Until the story-thing. And I didn't even like Levi, like at all, still don't.

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Stella tbh I kinda feel the same. If the story thing didn't happen, I'd probably still ship them. I don't think Cath deserves to be with Nick in this case th ...more
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Desi Spiel OMFG i loved Levi I wish he would come alive so that I could find himand marry him. He is the dream guy. And if they make a movie and they pick the wr ...more
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Honestly, I did too. It was probably because Levi didn't seem available for a while.

I did for a while. Until Nick started acting like an asshole, then I was like NOPE.

Nah, I thought that Levi was cuter and I felt that they would make a cute couple. And they did. :D

I did initially, but as the story carried on I began to ship them less and less as it became apparent Nick wasn't as nice as he came across to be at the beginning.

to me it felt like Nick was taking advantage of her since the beginning and once he didnt need her anymore, he just took every thing and left.

I couldn't stand him. I shipped Levi and Cath the whole time. Even when he was dating Raegan!!!!!

No, I never liked Nick, to be honest.

At the start, but then i stopped when Levi made more appearances

I prefer Nick. Well, until the end obviously.

- I thought Levi was with Reagan and his role would be to help Cath like Reagan did and make her more comfortable with the opposite sex.

- Nick and Cath seemed to get along well and he understood her writing. I thought that slowly he would become closer to her.

- But Levi started to become closer to Cath than Nick and the conversations they had were more meaningful.

- Nick and Cath weren't going anywhere.

- Nick stole Cath's story and I kind of died inside. But it made sense since all they did was writing.

- Levi and Cath were together and nothing could stop it.

I totally shipped them at the start and I thought they were going to get together. But as the book went on I shipped them less and less.

I was hoping they would get together. I also felt that Levi wasn't really a choice at the beginning.

I thought it would be a complicated love triangle, but I still suspected that Nick wasn't a good guy when he never tried to walk Cath back, or even be less rude when she wanted the notebook. It mostly showed when he only hogged the notebook.

I don't know, I kinda found Nick a bit annoying. Levi just seemed more appealing to me.

yeah i agrre as first i was like ok theyre gonna be together in the end , but then levi was like so cosistent and ALWAYS THERE so i had to question myself...

At the beginning, yes.

Yeah I know what you mean. From the start I always thought Reagan and Levi were either together or going to get together. So, I kinda just ruled out Levi from the boyfriend list. Nick on the other hand was getting really close to Cath and I really thought that they were going to end up together!

Like, right at the start, a bit? But then he was a jerk, and Levi was so much sweeter, and that swung things heavily in his favour.

I defiantly did, and I didn't really fancy (can I say fancy? I'm gonna say fancy) Levi in the begining. Then he became like a brother (for me and for her), I didn't think he was the one who should end up with her, Nick should! It shouldn't be that lovey-dovey "he was the first person that I met, so it's him I like" crab.
But Rainbow (love that name) defiantly showed us, that it wasn't like that at all.
At one point I was like, alright I can see where you're going, you better make this good. And she did I feel.

Yes. You're the only one.


Levi/Cath all the way.

I totally did! At first. Until he turned all manipulative and stuff.

At the beginning on the book, I just really thought Nick was perfect for Cath! But I did kinda noticed at the beginning with Levi that he was always interested in Cath, always walking her to the Love Library and walking her back to her dorm! So I've always liked Levi over Nick!

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