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message 1: by Navied (new)

Navied (naviedsetayesh) | 14 comments So, I just finished reading Vile Bodies by Evelyn Waugh. In short I found it absolutely too divine.
I had watched the 2003 movie adaptions "Bright Young Things" a year or so before. If memory of the film serves, it was fairly close to the novel . . . Until the end that is. I was expecting the last chapter to end happily, as Adam purchases Nina back from Ginger. I was shocked when it ended with him drinking champagne with The Drunk major and one of The Angels in the middle of battlefield. After immediately re-reading the final chapter it set in that I found the novels ending to be exponentially superior to that of the movie. It brings "Vile Bodies" full circle. The money that had once been his ticket to happiness and was terribly hard to attain can now only buy him "a couple of drinks and a newspaper." And that last line . . . "And presently, like a circling typhoon, the sounds of battle began to return." It's an oddly fitting end to a book more concerned with parties and drinking then war. What do you guys think about the ending? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Also, this was the first nob I've read by Mr. Waugh, which of his novels shall I read next.
Please excuse any typos as I've written that all from my iPhone. Cheers.

message 2: by Bronwyn (new)

Bronwyn (nzfriend) | 651 comments I read the book before seeing the movie, but I agree on the ending. I much prefer the book's end.

I would recommend Decline and Fall or The Loved Ones. Those are probably my next favorites of the comedic ones. Brideshead Revisited is very good too, but serious in tone.

message 3: by Val (new)

Val I have not seen the film Navied, but I completely agree with you about the ending of the book bringing the story full circle.

Most of Waugh's early novels are satirical, then most of his later ones tend to get more serious (and more Catholic). I liked Decline and Fall and it is his first published novel, so might be a good one to read next if you plan on continuing with him.
If you want something completely different, try Brideshead Revisited or the Sword of Honour trilogy. We have read both of them as a group, so you can add to the discussions if you so wish.

message 4: by Roisin (new)

Roisin | 729 comments Often when films are tested with audiences, if the ending doesn't seem 'happy' or 'positive' there will be a backlash and received negatively. That is why the film 'Stigmata' was changed at the end. One can see both endings on the DVD version of this. A film deals with large budgets and investors will want to get back their investment. This may have happened with Bright Young Things.

Just read the Talented Mr Ripley which us very different from the film, which was very good, but very different. I can see why they made some of the changes that they in the film, but with film, it is a different medium, so one can do very different things.

message 5: by Roisin (new)

Roisin | 729 comments I found this from the Telegragh newspaper:

message 6: by Roisin (new)

Roisin | 729 comments Found this:

Rosie Boycott's comments early on about Waugh's ending and Fry's is quite interesting.

message 7: by Roisin (new)

Roisin | 729 comments As for what you should read next The Loved One perhaps? Loved Brideshead Revisted.

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