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Lia | 522 comments Mod
Another book on Welsh Folklore:

British Goblins:


message 3: by Ian (last edited Jun 14, 2018 02:43PM) (new)

Ian Slater (yohanan) | 103 comments The Internet Archive ( offers several editions of the very old, but lovely, Charlotte Guest translation of the Mabinogion (issued in seven volumes, and collected in three volumes in 1845, with a later one-volume abridged edition, without all the notes and original texts).

These include one edited by Alfred Nutt, with new annotations, available in an American edition (I belief the first was from his family's publishing house in Britain) at

There is also the slightly later (1906) Everyman's Library edition, with selected notes from Guest's own one-volume edition, at

The Everyman's Library version was later replaced in the series by the Gwyn Jones and Thomas Jones translation, first published in 1949, and for decades the 'gold standard' for the Mabinogion in translation. It had incremental revisions over the years, and the last edition can still be found on Amazon with some searching: try

I reviewed and compared most of the English translations, including one from Penguin Classics, under the Everyman's heading. The review is now hard to dig out: it can be found at

This does not cover the somewhat later Davies translation in Oxford World's Classics, which I am re-reading with the intention of reviewing it on Goodreads (and maybe Amazon), sometime soon.

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Lia | 522 comments Mod
Thanks Ian. I’d be interested in your commentaries on Jeffrey Gantz‘s translation as well, if you’ve read that.

message 5: by Ian (new)

Ian Slater (yohanan) | 103 comments Lia wrote: "Thanks Ian. I’d be interested in your commentaries on Jeffrey Gantz‘s translation as well, if you’ve read that."

Some comments on the Gantz translation are in the Everyman's Library edition review: Amazon was going through one of the phases where it lumped reviews of different translations together, and wouldn't let people post a new one where it belonged. I disliked some of his editorial choices, such as in dealing with names, but thought his decisions were not unreasonable. I've seen him accused of unspecified errors. I wasn't (and am not) equipped to notice them myself, and I never tried to read his version against Jones & Jones, or Patrick Ford, to look for differences beyond style. (And there are two manuscripts for some of the collection, so Gantz may just have been choosing one reading over another.)

I find that I was able to post a separate review to an edition of the Charlotte Guest translation (probably because it was illustrated, which helped maintained its separate page for a while), where I went into more details about her than I remembered: see

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Lia | 522 comments Mod
Thanks Ian, I'm sure I sound like a broken record by now: I find your comparative approach to translated books review extremely helpful.

There's a cheap copy of Gantz in my college consignment bookstore, but I think I'll save my credit for other books when there are other free Mabinogion Mabinogi translations available.

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