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Birdsong231ԑ̮̑ঙ (pls no more group invs) (birdsong231) | 164 comments Mod
© Birdsong231 [ Hawkfrost♥♥♥ | Shani | Tayah ]
| Credits
Name: Birdsong231 > Template: Birdsong231 > Editing: Birdsong231

| Jesse
He refuses to take another name

| Tom

| 60 moons

| StormClan

| Loner
| Apprentice
| Warrior

Current Apprentice
| Open, ask first

Trained Apprentices
| Open, ask first
| Open, ask first

Former Mentor
| Open, ask first

| Outside
Careless > Rude > Arrogant > Violent > Heartless
| Inside
Gentle > Loving > Kind > Shy > Sensitive > Lonely > Forgiving
| Other
Flirty > Stubborn > Loyal > Trust Worthy

| Breed
| Pelt
| Eyes
| Build

| Pelt
(view spoiler)
| Pelt
(view spoiler)
| Eyes
(view spoiler)

| Mate
Crush first!
| Crush
Open, ask first > Good luck on trying to get him to notice you!

| None
He wishes he had them, though

Family > Blood
| Sister
Silvermist > Dead > Birdsong231
| Brother
Stormtalon > Alive > Birdsong231
| Mother
Flower > Alive > Loner > Open, ask first
| Father
Cloud > Alive > Loner > Open, ask first
| Niece
Featherlily > Alive > Daughter of Silvermist and Blackclaw > Open, ask first
| Nephew
Nightstorm > Alive > Son of Silvermist and Blackclaw > Open, ask first

Family > In-laws
| Brother
Blackclaw > Alive > Former mate of Silvermist > Birdsong231

| Unknown
Jesse never speaks of it. Only Silvermist was ever allowed to tell a cat of his past. Now that she is gone, he refuses to tell anyone of his history. Blackclaw knows a bit of it, but the only thing of his past that anyone knows is that he was once a kittypet.

| Likes
Mouse > His name
| Dislikes
Talking about Silvermist > Most cats
| Fears
Falling in love > Kits
| Other
He has become much less social since Silvermist's death

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© Birdsong231 [ Hawkfrost♥♥♥ | Shani | Tayah ]

Storm / Stormpaw / Stormtalon


48 moons


Kittypet / Kit / Apprentice / Warrior

Stormtalon a very sweet and soft tom, but is also very strong. He loves his family more than anything else...even his Clan. With Silvermist in StarClan, he's had a harder time with keeping Jesse social and keeping Blackclaw alive. He prays every night that StarClan would keep giving him enough strength to keep his two very stubborn brothers going. He has never bothered thinking of having a mate or kits. He has dreams of him and a she-cat having kits together, but he feels like he's too busy for them. If he was to take and a mate and have kits with her, he wanted to be with her every step of the way. That'd be quite hard to do with Blackclaw trying to kill himself. He knows Silvermist doesn't want her former mate to join her yet.


Stormtalon is a tall, handsome grey tabby tom with blue eyes. He has muscular and powerful shoulders. He is rather proud of the long scar beside his throat that he received last claw moon from being fighting a fox.

**Mate / Crush**
Mate: Crush first
Crush: Open, ask first

Hopes to have them soon!

Father: Cloud (view spoiler)
Mother: Flower (view spoiler)
Sister: Silvermist (view spoiler)
Brother: Jesse (view spoiler)
Brother In-law: Blackclaw (view spoiler)
Niece: Featherlily (view spoiler)
Nephew: Nightstorm (view spoiler)

"Mama! Papa!" My sister, Silver wailed, trying to escape my grip on her scruff.
"My babies!" Mama screamed as a twoleg shoved her into a cage.
Papa was shoved into the same cage as Mama and he shifted closer to her. "Jesse! Keep them safe!" Papa called.
"I will, Father...I will..." Jesse called back and pulled me and Silver close to him.
The monster that had Mama and Papa trapped raced away. Silver buried herself deeper into Jesse's and cried. I tried to calm her down by licking her pelt, and it seemed to work a little. I was so glad I knew my twin sister well enough to help her calm down... I hate seeing her cry...
"Come on," Jesse murmured sadly and padded over to some shelter as rain started to fall.
We curled up by his belly fell fast asleep. Before I drifted off, I heard Jesse murmur, "I will go to the Clans..." Darkness closed over me and went to sleep.

When I woke up, I found myself in a tiny cave. Silver was curled up beside me, but Jesse was gone. Worry bubbled up inside me and I poked Silver until she was awake.
"What's up with up?" Silver meowed sleepily. "I was so close to catching a mouse..."
"Where's Jesse?" I asked.
"He didn't say," Silver shrugged, now fully awake. "So what should we do?"
"Hello?" A toms' voice came from outside.
I quickly stood in front of Silver. "Go away!" I replied loudly, trying to sound big and fierce like Jesse.
A fluffy, reddish kitten calmly walked inside. "What'cha doin' here?"
"Wait for our bro-" I slapped my tail over Silver's mouth.
"What are you doing here?" I mewed to him with narrowed eyes.
"Actually, I'm not supposed to be out of Camp," The kit looked down at his paws. "By the way, I'm Black-kit,"
Silver pushed me out of the way. "You don't look very black,"
"No, but my claws are," Black-kit purred unsheathing his claws to show Silver. I could tell he was trying to impress her from the look in his eyes. "Now, as I was saying, what're you doing here in ShadeClan's territory?"
"Our brother is out doing something. He didn't say what, though," Silver
sighed. "Anyways, I'm Silver and this is Storm,"
"Storm?" Black-kit looked at me. "He's too fluffy to be named that. Storm is a name meant for a large cat,"
I growled loudly, lashing my tail. "I'm only fluffy because I haven't washed myself yet," I was the exact opposite of what Black-kit said. I was a large cat. I was quite tall for my age. When I had finished washing my pelt, I could see embarrassment in Black-kit's eyes. "Now what do you have to say?" I challenged him.
"S-sorry...I-I didn't expect you t-to be so tall..." He looked down at his paws.
I sat down next to him and looked at Silver. Her jaw head dropped.
"What's wrong?" I tipped my head slightly.
"Such a big difference in height!" She squeaked and she padded over to me. "You're much taller!"
I purred, but I stopped when I caught Jesse's scent. "He's coming back," I murmured and was about to push Black-kit outside, but it was too late.
"What is this?" He hissed angrily and dropped a mouse beside me and Silver.
Black-kit's eyes widened. "You stole StormClan prey!" He squealed. "You'll pay for that!" Jesse just sat there while Black-kit attacked his foreleg.
Me and Silver giggled quietly as we watched Black-kit trying to tear our bother apart.
"You done yet, kit?" Jesse meowed and pushed the Clan cat away.
"Why didn't you start attacking me?" Black-kit tipped his head to one side.
"Because my weight would kill you," Jesse meowed, rolling his eyes. "Anyways, I must speak to your leader...after they have finished the mouse," He flicked his tail over to me and Silver.

Jesse had asked the Clan's leader if the three of us could join the Clan and [he/she] agreed. For the next few moons we kept our names the same until Me and Silver became apprentices. I became Stormpaw and Silver became Silverpaw, but Jesse did not take a warrior name. He didn't understand why he should have to give it up.

Our apprenticeship was normal besides the fact that when Blackpaw and Silverpaw had agreed to become mates when they got their warrior names which was only a moon away...if we completed our assessment, that is. And we did. Silverpaw became Silvermist, Blackpaw became Blackclaw and I became Stormtalon.

Moons had past and eventually we heard that Silvermist was expecting Blackclaw's kits. Both me and Jesse thought we were going to burst with happiness for the two.

When she started kitting, everything went completely wrong. Blackclaw had been pacing for hours and hours. My heart shattered when the medicine cat came out. I just knew my sister was dead when I saw the sad look on [his/her] face. Me and Jesse grabbed Blackclaw before he go anywhere.
"I'm so sorry..." The medicine murmured to him.
He broke free from us, but we caught him again.
"But your kits are healthy,"
We carefully let our friend go inside the Nursery and I cried into Jesse's fur for the rest of the day.
(If you want to know the kits history, I suggest talking to Blackclaw.)

The next day Blackclaw fell into depression. The only thing that kept him going was his kits. A moon after Silvermist's death, I swear I heard her tell me to watch over him.

Two years have passed and Blackclaw is still depressed. Jesse has become more and more unsocial. I am scared to death that I'll lose both my brothers. (Blackclaw is my brother in-law through Silvermist.) As I sleep, I dream of having a mate and kits, but I know I can't have them. Not until Blackclaw has stopped trying to kill himself and Jesse starts trying to interact with others instead of biting their heads off.

1) N/A

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© Birdsong231 [ Hawkfrost♥♥♥ | Shani | Tayah ]
Must Read(view spoiler)

||Name Information||

• Blackclaw

||Birth Information||

• Tom

{Status: Single}
• Crush: Open, but just remember that it's hard to get through to him...
• Mate: None
• Former Mate: Silvermist [Dead / StarClan / Birdsong231]

Both of them are extremely worried about their father. They're starting to get scared that he'll try to kill himself.
• Nightbreeze: Son [Alive / StormClan / 24 moons / Open, ask first]
• Featherlily: Daughter [Alive / StormClan / 24 moons / Open, ask first]

{Family: Blood}
• Hawkwing: Brother [Alive | StormClan | Open, ask first]
• Rosefur: Sister [Alive | StormClan | Open, ask first]
• Larkwing: Mother [Alive | StormClan | Open, ask first]
• Eaglewing: Father [Alive | StormClan | Open, ask first]

{Family: In-laws}
• Cloud: Father [Dead / Loner / Silvermist's father / Open, ask first]
• Flower: Mother [Dead / Loner / SIlvermist's mother / Open, ask first]
• Jesse: Brother [Alive / StormClan / Silvermist's brother / Birdsong231]
• Stormtalon: Brother [Alive / StormClan / Silvermist's brother / Birdsong231]

||Age Information||

• 48 moons

• Cancer [July 24]


{Place of Birth}
• StormClan's Nursery

||Rank Information||

• StormClan

• Warrior

{Current Apprentice}
• Even after two years, Silvermist's death has Blackclaw unable to train an apprentice

{Trained Apprentices}
• [Open, ask first]

{Former Mentor}
• [Open, ask first]

||Personality Information||

• Wonderful Father (view spoiler)
• Loving (view spoiler)
• Depressed (view spoiler)
• Loyal (view spoiler)
• Romantic (view spoiler)

||Appearance Information||

• Breed: Maine Coon
• Pelt: Reddish-orange | Cream tail with a little black
• Eyes: Jade green
• Nose: Peach, outlined with black
• Height: 2'9"
• Weight: 15.8 lbs
• Build: Large, like all Maine Coons / Broad, stone hard muscles
• Eye Shape: Almond
• Claws: Black


||Other Information||

Hours had passed and Sil was still yowling in pain... I paced and paced. I got tired after a while, but I kept on pacing. Finally our medicine cat came out of the nursery with a sad face. Fear bubbled up inside me and before I could make a move, a couple warriors held me back. I could sense something went wrong. Something happened to my love... The medicine cat padded up to me.
"I'm so sorry..."
I ripped out of the cats' grip, but they caught me again. I knew what happened. I sensed it. I would never hear Silvermist's beautiful voice...or see her gorgeous eyes. I felt like my heart was crushed into millions of pieces...and it was.
"But your kits are healthy,"
I stopped struggling when I saw Mother(Larkwing) standing right by the entrance to the nursery and staring at me. Once I was let go, I slowly padded up to her and heard mewing.
"My kits... May I see them? Please?" I asked, trying keep my eyes from traveling over to Silvermist's body.
"Of course," Father(Eaglewing) came up behind me. I knew he was there to block me from seeing Silvermist's body. He knew it'd break my heart if I see her at that moment.
I came inside last. At the first glimpse of my kits, I rushed over to them. As soon as I laid down next to them, they cuddled into my belly as if they already knew me. I felt happiness spark in my broken heart, as if it were trying to put itself back together. I curled up around them with tears quietly falling down my face.

Many moons had past... I named my kits Featherkit and Nightkit. Now they were about to end their apprenticeship... Kits sure do grow up fast. I prayed every day that my babies would never leave me before I join StarClan.

Featherpaw became Featherlily and Nightpaw became Nightbreeze. I said their names the loudest, of course! What kind of parent wouldn't be the loudest to say their kits' warrior names? (view spoiler)

And now here I am... I'm trying to be happy, but I just can't... I know my babies are worried about me, but I don't think I can go without someone to love any longer... I think... I think I have to join StarClan soon. I'm not the 'be-without-a-mate' type. I'm not meant to be alone.

{Theme song}
Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne

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Anastasia | 161 comments Mod
Name: Falconwing

Gender: She-Cat

Age: 44 moons

Clan: StormClan

Rank: Deputy

Personality: She likes to consider herself as the best cat to take on the role of leader. She likes it when other cats compliment her and she is ferocious in battle. Outside she acts tough, but on the inside, she is exactly the same.
Although she is tough and tries to stay that way, she would love to have a mate and kits of her own someday, it would make her feel complete.

Breed: Bengal

Appearance: striking green eyes and fur with a ginger base.

Image result for Bengal cat

Mate: Lover First!
Lover: Crush first!
Crush: OPEN ask first

None but she secretly would like them some day.

Mother - Autumnsong - CLOSED - Alive - Rogue
Father - Thunderclaw - CLOSED - Deceased - Dark Forest
Twin brother - Hawkfeather - OPEN - Alive - StormClan
Younger sister - Eagleeye - OPEN - Deceased - StarClan

My sister died at an early age, and it wasn't my fault! Maybe it was, a little bit my fault.... We had just been made into warriors, it felt amazing! The three of us decided to go for a run around the puddles from yesterday's storm. We always enjoyed splashing each other and playing in puddles. We were chasing each other and Eagleeye decided to take a short cut through a rather large puddle, it seemed fine until we realized it wasn't a puddle. I tried to stop her, but she ran head first into a pond. We didn't even realize how far we had gone into AirClan territory. She died that day and I've never forgiven myself, if only I had realized sooner, or maybe if I could swim. That's why, when I became deputy, I learned how to swim and took a day to teach all the apprentices. I couldn't have the same thing happen to someone else.

Other: She is secretly worried about Blackclaw. She sees how he acts everyday and worries he might run off or take his own life. She likes watching him, his presence makes her happy and warm inside.

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Thistlekit Thistlepaw Thistlepelt
27 moons



Thistlepelt is disaster incarnated. He has the tendency to trip over almost anything, and often causes many to run away whenever he comes toward them. Despite the fact that he manages to mess almost everything up, Thistlepelt is always jolly, and it is very rare to see him down. He can be serious, but he finds it easier to act like the mistakes he makes don't bother him. He has a secret desire to please everyone, and will often do brash things in the name of helping others.

Thistlepelt has a crazy pelt that goes every which way. With his big paws, long limbs, and bushy fur it's obvious he hasn't yet grown into his body. Thistlepelt has a tendency to make funny faces when confused, and his silly gate causes many to fall over laughing. His light hazel eyes always seem to be full of laughter.



{current apprentice/mentor}
► N/A

{trained apprentices}
⓵ N/A

{former mentor}
► Ashstar (Mine | UC)

► Open


⓵ Antheart - Mother
⓶ Father unknown

There was a reason that his mother named him Thistlekit the second she laid eyes on him.

From his early kithood Thistlepelt had always been... fluffy. His coat was constantly going in every which way, and even his mother's relentless grooming could not tame his wild fur. He didn't mind it though, and found that he was always warm.

Thistlepelt never knew his father, and he didn't really want to. His mother never talked about him, and he often suspected it was someone outside of the clans. He never let the strange stares that he received from the other cats get to him, and they eventually stopped gawking at him. Well... for that reason.

Thistlepelt was definitely not the best apprentice, and he often was distracted or couldn't remember what his mentor had showed him. He tended to watch the other apprentices practice instead of joining in, and many worried that he might not be fit to become a warrior. Thistlepelt was clumsy, and could hardly manage to walk, let alone fight.

However, half-way into his apprenticeship he shocked them all. He volunteered to do a mock battle, and to his mentor's surprise- as well as his opponent's- he managed to win the battle. He had not participated out of incomprehension or laziness, but rather that he was observing, figuring out the moves.

Thistlepelt was not the best apprentice, but he was good enough, and he found that he had an affinity for hunting. When he became a warrior, everyone agreed that his name suited him perfectly. He's still a big klutz, and the only time he really feels centered is when he's hunting.


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Willow (wigglewigglewiggle) | 100 comments Mod
Ashkit Ashpaw Ashpelt Ashstar


63 moons



Although many would assume Ashstar to be a harsher cat due to his menacing appearance, he is a quiet, intellectual cat. Never one to jump into a situation without being prepared, any problem that comes his way is solved quickly and logically. He is quick on his feet and does his best to be a fair leader. In times of distress, he is calm and composed and will do anything to protect his clan.

Ashstar prefers to keep the clan to themselves, although he will offer assistance if need be when other clans are in trouble. For him, the clan comes first, and he prefers to not have any extremely personal relationships with his clanmates due to his analytical way of looking at life.



Written Description
Ashstar is a powerful-looking cat, with strong muscles, a sleek pelt, and long, sharp claws. His long fur, a rich black that eventually fades into a light grey, is always well-groomed and immaculate. His amber eyes never betray his inner thoughts, although they can at times be hints to those who know him well. Despite his older age, Ashstar still has no grey fur on his muzzle, although he occasionally makes remarks on his age.

//Current Apprentice\\
► None (Open)

//Trained Apprentices\\
⓵ Thistlepelt (Mine!)

//Former Mentor\\
► ....

► Crush: (I mean... you can try...)
► Mate: N/A


Mother- Badgertail
Father- Mumblefoot

Ashstar was always a reserved cat. From the moment he opened his eyes, he knew he was going to be the best warrior the clans had ever seen. He quickly disregarded the games kits played in the nursery, instead opting to watch apprentices practice in camp.

When it came time for Ashstar to become an apprentice, many were curious to see how he did. He picked up quickly and was an efficient fighter and hunter. While no one could find a fault in the physical aspect of his training, many were wary of his logical view on the world. What would happen, they wondered, if a situation arose in which he need not depend on his mind, but his heart?

The answer came a few months before Ashstar's warrior ceremony. Due to heavy storms, the camp flooded. Although many escaped, a kit was trapped in the nursery due to debris. While many cats panicked, scurrying to find a solution, Ashpaw dashed into action, swiftly found an entrance, and saved the kit. He had thrown aside his own safety for another's, and proved to the clan that he was not without a moral compass.

After his warrior ceremony, Ashstar received his first apprentice. It was a tough time for both him and his apprentice, Thistlepaw. While Ashstar was a reserved cat, Thistlepaw was loud and active, and always... happy. However, in the end, both learned valuable lessons from the other and came to respect one another.

After his time with Thistlepaw, now known as Thistlepelt, he was eventually named deputy, and then leader.


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