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Mfonemana Uduak | 21 comments So, I'm doing a give away for my web novel readers, and stumbled upon this group so why not invite you too. Please remember to leave a review of you like it. This book is here on goodreads and Amazon. Reviews in both places are welcome.

The Sister In White.

About the book
Since the war of the first era, the sisters of slah have kept their oath to the Creator, Mother slah; to watch the world in her stead. They wear their powers like skin represented by the colours of their garments. Things get odd at the appearance of a sister adorned in as garment of white, a colour reserved for the creator. Twin prophesies follow her. steps; one to kill, the other to save all.

To get a free copy, go to

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P.I. (thewordslinger) | 8 comments I will try to get to this by the weekend and I'm going offline in a little while! I need to read a fantasy!

message 3: by Mfonemana (new)

Mfonemana Uduak | 21 comments Thanks

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