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Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are
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SCPL (st_catharines_public_library) | 542 comments Mod
The first chapter of Everybody Lies explores our "faulty gut(s)", and argues that Big Data is more powerful than human intuition. Stephens-Davidowitz says that our gut instincts are often wrong, because "we tend to exaggerate the relevance of our own experience" (32). Do you agree or disagree? Were you surprised by his revelations about who makes it in the NBA? When it comes to making decisions, do you tend to rely on data or your gut?

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Nancy Docherty | 15 comments I would say I initially would rely on my intuition with making decisions, but now I find I am doing more internet research I regards to making decisions. I will use the example of purchasing items. I would purchase an item at the store by going by the looks of the item and the claims made by the company on how the item can make your life easier. Being disappointed with purchasing items and having to return them, I find I am relying on google searches and reviews by other people far more often. With my research I find now I buy an item that meets my needs and I am happy with the product .

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SCPL (st_catharines_public_library) | 542 comments Mod
Hi Nancy,

That is an excellent example! And I'm glad to hear that data has helped you achieve more satisfying shopping results. As an indecisive person, I definitely approach things a little differently from you, in that I tend to turn to the research first and foremost since I don't always trust my gut.

That being said, reading online reviews from other people means you usually have to rely on some gut instinct, as in my experience, reviews for all sorts of things (from appliances to hotels) really seem to vary widely from person to person!

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