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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mystery Year Read: 2008-2010 (not sure what year the book was written but can't be older than 2000) Details: Book opens with the male lead leaving prison after serving time for a crime he did not commit

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RaLa9008 | 4 comments Hi there! I've been looking for this book for quite a while so I'm hoping someone here can help me.

As mentioned in the topic section, the book in question opens up with the male leading leaving prison after serving time for a crime he did not commit (at least I'm pretty sure it was a crime he was innocent of). He ends up working at his cousin's garage (funny enough I don't remember the lead character's names but I remember this character's name as either being along the lines of Bobby Joe or Billy Joe). It's here where he encounters the female lead who he has a past with and they eventually start to see each other in secret. Bad things start happening around the town and the townspeople begin to blame the male lead until the female lead steps up and gives him an alibi by admitting that they were together at the time of the crimes.

There's also a sub-plot involving the male lead's sister. She was sexually abused and because of this she is uncomfortable in relationships. The family lawyer (I think it was the family lawyer) is trying to help her through these issues because he is in love with her.

That's all the details that I remember right now but I'll be sure to add any further details that I might remember.

Thanks so much for the help!

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RaLa9008 | 4 comments A couple of more events that I remember happening in the book:

1) The male lead goes to the female leads office and they end up having sex in her office during her lunch hour

2) One of the bad things that happen that the male lead is accused of is the female lead's father's dogs are poisoned

Hope these additional details help!

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RaLa9008 | 4 comments Found it! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6...

The male lead's name suddenly came to me so I googled it and sure enough I found the right book! Now I can spend my weekend finally re-reading it :)

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