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message 1: by Justin (last edited Jul 31, 2014 09:44PM) (new) - added it

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
This was our winner. I can't wait to start it, who else is joining?

message 2: by Andy (new) - added it

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments (raises hand slowly, makes fist and sticks out thumb, turns hand slowly to point at self)

"This guy"

message 3: by Addy (new)

Addy | 1944 comments Im gonna pass. I still have to finish last months group read.

Deborah (brandiec) I'm planning to!

Vicki Willis I am going to get this one too.

message 6: by Kate (new) - added it

Kate | 1106 comments Mod
I'm going to have to pass, I'm too behind on my reading. Hope you all enjoy it. :)

message 7: by Andy (new) - added it

Andy (manicsloth) | 787 comments I'm about 8% in. It's OK so far. (view spoiler)

Kaisersoze | 42 comments I'm in! Just got to finish the one I'm on now and will catch up.

message 9: by Maxine Marsh (last edited Aug 03, 2014 06:01AM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Maxine Marsh | 703 comments Mod
I'm in, too! Can't miss out on a Ryan C. Thomas book, no way.

message 10: by Pierre (new) - added it

Pierre | 25 comments I'll go for it.

message 11: by Justin (new) - added it

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
Ok, 25% spoilers from here on. Please don't discuss further than that.

Kaisersoze | 42 comments Well, it seemed to fly out of the gates extremely fast - before I even had a chance to settle into it. I'm interested to see if it can maintain my interest having shown its hand (so to speak) so early on.

Deborah (brandiec) I'm getting really irritated with this book and don't know if I'll be able to finish it. Given Thomas's repeated use of scientifically accurate names for flora and fauna, I can't understand why he keeps referring to snakes as "poisonous"; snakes are venomous. The other major irritant is the dialogue between Janet and Gellis once they enter the cave. Their lives are in danger, and yet Janet is being petty about who wears the headlamp and Gellis, who is much larger, is putting up with her arrogance. Really?

Vicki Willis Ok, I started this one. I am only at 11%, but they have introduced the different character lines. When the spiders came out, I laughed out loud. I did not think it was scary or tense. It seemed like it was written comically. My favorite character so far is Banga the guide. I am very interested in the storyline with his missing son. I agree with Deborah about Janet. I think they should have thrown her to the spiders right away. She is obnoxious.

message 15: by Pierre (new) - added it

Pierre | 25 comments Just read it as a pulp. A simple action adventure horror story.

message 16: by Justin (new) - added it

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
I'm not enjoying it either, like Pierre said it is basically pulp which I can't stand. I doubt I will finish it.

Vicki Willis I am at 25%. I think it is getting better. Now that the characters are all introduced. I do like how it switches right when you want to keep going with a storyline. I liked the part about Big Death and the hippos.

message 18: by Pierre (new) - added it

Pierre | 25 comments If you are not enjoying the pulp then give up, it doesn't change tone as it moves along. Life is too short. :-)

message 19: by Addy (new)

Addy | 1944 comments This is prob a stupid ? but what do u mean its too pulpy? Im not sure if I wud like this, but maybe.

message 20: by Justin (new) - added it

Justin (justineaton) | 3492 comments Mod
It is about car sized spider and says things like "the spider reared back and encased him in a hairy hug of death"

message 21: by Addy (new)

Addy | 1944 comments Oh ok. Yeah, doesn't sound like my cup of tea. That's too bad cause I really like the author.

Maxine Marsh | 703 comments Mod
I hate Janet. I hope she gets eaten by a spider so hard. It is pulpy, which is fine, but the characters still need to make some sort of sense. A woman in that position wouldn't be whining about the heat and then demanding respect in the same breath. So stupid.

Maxine Marsh | 703 comments Mod
I do however love giant spiders as a concept, so I may speed read this one instead of only 1/4 each week just so I get it done.

message 24: by Kate (new) - added it

Kate | 1106 comments Mod
Hi everyone, just changed it to 50% spoilers. Please don't discuss past this point. Cheers. :)

Vicki Willis Read to 49%. Somehow this book is growing on me. I am really liking it. The characters and how they will all intersect is better than the actual spiders though.
The poor hippos! Can you imagine seeing a hippo up in the trees?!

Kaisersoze | 42 comments Meh. Same initial complaints as others to the half-way point. Even once I accepted this was meant to be silly fun, it did little for me. And judging by the lack of activity in this thread, I'm guessing others aren't all that impressed either.

Vicki Willis Is anyone still reading this one? I am at 74% and am going to read to the end. I think all the characters are about to converge. It is an ok book. Nothing special but good enough to finish.

Maxine Marsh | 703 comments Mod
I thought I'd kick this one out fast but a bunch of stuff came up, so I'm still only about halfway through. I plan to finish the book soon but its just not that engaging. Too bad...

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