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UNSOLVED: One specific book > A girl had a sex with her friend, he doesn't remember in the morning. Spoiler ahead.

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Ágnes Kósa | 1 comments Warning! Spoiler!
I read a book last year published within the last 4 years at least. This story is similar to book Seducing Simon by Maya Banks.
There is a girl, who has a long time crush her and her brother's childhood friend. One drunk night they make love, The next morning the guy remembers nothing of the previous night. The girl feel herself humilated and not reminds him. Later, she discovers she's pregnant. Meanwhile the guy has a new girlfriend, The girl doesn't tell anybody who is the father, but her mother and her brother find out, and I think the guy's family too.
Can someone help me find this book please. Thank you.

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Shelia Williams | 766 comments Sounds interesting.

message 3: by Tricia (last edited Jun 13, 2018 05:56PM) (new)

Tricia (tricialen) | 118 comments Sounds like Seducing Simon by Maya Banks

One fateful night, Toni Langston seduces her best friend, the guy she's been in love with forever. Two problems-he doesn't remember a thing that happened and now she's pregnant. Toni Langston has been in love with Simon, her best friend, for years. The night Simon breaks up with his long time girlfriend, he and Toni make love. Toni is devastated and humiliated when, in the heat of the moment, he calls her by his girlfriend's name. The next morning, Simon remembers nothing of the previous night and Toni is only too relieved not to remind him.

Two months later, she discovers she's pregnant. She wants Simon to love her, apart from any obligation he might feel because of the baby.

So she embarks on a quest to seduce her best friend, to make him see her as more than a little sister, to make him love her as much as she loves him. It works. Maybe too well. Now when things are perfect, she faces telling him of the secret she's kept.

message 4: by Tina (new)

Tina | 138 comments Possibly Her Best Friend's Lover by Shiloh Walker.

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Amanda | 110 comments I’ve read this book... I’m going to do some searching in my lists to see if I can find it.

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Lobstergirl | 40644 comments Mod
Agnes, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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