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message 1: by Meryl (new)

Meryl Landau (meryldavidslandau) | 810 comments Mod
Hi fellow yoga-lovers:

So only a few people seem to be reading this book so far (the couple who commented on the thread plus a few who messaged me). For those of you who are reading it, I hope you're enjoying it as a very light summer read.

Here are some prompts on the first half. As always, answer any questions you want and skip the others, or skip them all and just freestyle--there's no right or wrong way to do this.

These prompts go through chapter 13. Please don't spoil anything beyond that. I'll post prompts for the second half by the end of June.

1) What do you think of Janey? Is she a believable character or not?

2) What do you think of the crazy "health" things she is exposed to--the broccoli water, the secret workout sessions, the baby cries in class, the abusive instructor, bird-pooped coffee, etc. Is it too outlandish or do you feel it's just a small reach beyond stuff you have seen and maybe tried? If the latter, please share some "crazy" fitness things you have done and how they turned out.

3) Since this is a yoga group, I'm separating the yoga. "Free the Nipple" (aka topless) yoga. Ostensibly, according to the book, this helps the instructor check your alignment, and also so you don't sweat into your "toxic" cotton shirts. Intrigued or disgusted? What's the wildest yoga class you yourself have taken--or want to take?

4) What do you think about Janey's dating life--i.e., Juice Man and the guy she meets while stoned? Do you think it's realistic that she would agree to dumpster dive on her first date? (I don't.) Anything else about her dating life that strikes you?

5) What do you think of the book so far? What are you most liking and disliking? Any predictions for how the book will end as far as Janey's: weight loss, relationships with men and with Beau, her job?

Have a great day!!

message 2: by MaryAnn (new)

MaryAnn | 29 comments Enjoying the book so far.
1) I'm ok with Janey so far - I am seeing so many ways she lets others dictate for her, and she deserves better. Then again, maybe I'm seeing some of myself in this . . .

2) I find the crazy health things interesting so far. I've been following the body positive movement lately, and it's so true how much money is made off things that don't work, or don't work for long. I'm curious to see what happens with Ivy as she just isn't living her truth - I can certainly understand loving the money she makes, but it is exhausting to live out of integrity.

3) Free the Nipple - no thanks on the topless, but as a busty gal, I must say yoga at home braless feels so much better than binding myself to appear in public.

4) Regarding the dating life, to me the dumpster diving was realistic only as it was another example of where she did what others told her she needed to do rather than honor herself. In that particular case, it worked out, but in others, it has not.

5) I'm enjoying the book so far - I hope to see Janey accept herself completely as she is. Beau - we shall see what's truly up with that one.

message 3: by Meryl (new)

Meryl Landau (meryldavidslandau) | 810 comments Mod

That's an interesting way to put it regarding Janey, that she follows other people rather than figures out what she wants and sticks to it. I hadn't really thought of her that was, since she didn't go into the family sweet business (at least not yet; I suspect the book may be heading there) and was a successful businesswoman. I thought of her as more of a strong figure. But your comments made me realize all the times she does just float along with others. Thanks for that!

I too enjoy the authors' depiction of all the crazy health things. As someone who writes about health for magazines and sees a lot of similar press releases, I can say that the natural health scene is almost as nuts as the stuff in the book. (And I'm an advocate for natural remedies, just not crazy ones someone seems to have dreamed up after some cosmos!

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