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Well its romance. What romance are you interested in?

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I like both but I'm better at fantasy.

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We could do like a Romeo and Juliet story line. They are supposed to be enemies but they fall in love with each other. Or we can make it like they are friends that don't know they have feelings for one another. Or do you have any ideas?

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I can do that. So I'll play as a lady.

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Sounds like a plan.

Name: Madeline Amara Glenwood
Class Status: Lady/Countess (Noble)

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Thank you.

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Nice character.

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Would you care to begin or shall I?

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Alright when you're ready.

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Madeline walked threw the halls of her home. Most people saw it as a palace but she saw it as a prison. She like others shared the palace with the king. She had not been allowed to call him her father all though that was whom he was to her. No one in the entire kingdom other than her mother and father knew she was actually the princess of france. She walked this earth as a lady and not an hire as her father wished for a boy hire. Not paying attention she bumped into Ezio. "Oh forgive me sir for I did not see you."

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"My name is Madeline sir." she told him her name as she curtsied. She smiled. "Not many people notice me at all. I tend to stay alone." she explained to him. She looked out the window and smiled. She sometimes wished that she could trade places with the peasants out the window.

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She smiled and looked at him. "Am I really that easy to read my lord?" she asked him. "I just wonder what it would be like if we were to walk a day in there lives." she told him starting to walk down the hall.

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"I may do just that." she told him as he walked away. She smiled. She had always been allowed to leave the palace grounds but she always had to tell the guard that she was going out for the king or queen. She took her cloak and one of her more plain dresses. She changed covering herself with her cloak as she walked through the market.

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She smiled back at him. "Thank you." she said. She hadn't even noticed him she had been admiring her surroundings. It seemed like she had entered an entirely different world. "Are you alright?" she asked.

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She blushed when he kissed her hand. "I am Madeline. You are?" she asked with a sweet tone and soft smile. No person had ever acknowledged her this way.

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"You are quite kind." she told him. She smiled at him putting her cloak back on pulling the hood up hiding her face. "I can't stay here long." she said to herself.

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"That's kind thank you." she said. He really was very kind. She didn't feel frightened near him though when she saw a few guards she panicked. "I'm sorry for the rush but I must go." she said letting go of his hand heading back to the palace. "It was nice to have met you." she said quickly getting back to the palace. In her rush she hadn't noticed that she dropped her linen cloth with her fathers crest on it. She entered the castle quickly heading to her room.

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Madeline jumped at the sound of Ezio's voice. "You my lord should not assume such things." she told him heading to her chambers. "It was a delightful experience until a few guards showed up." she said passing him after she curtsied. "Good day to you sir."

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"I believe my activities are none of your concern my lord." she replied walking into her room. She closed the door as she changed into a more appropriate gown. She opened the door to see Ezio standing near the window as if he were waiting for her.

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Madeline shut the door to her room walking to the library. She sighed as she looked at the book shelves. She had already read most of the literature in the library. She chose to sit at the piano playing it softly.

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"Yes actually but do not see how that should concern you." she told him as she continued playing the piano. Ezio was a gentleman but he seemed to be arrogant as well as inconsiderate.

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"He was a very kind and a gentleman." she told him. "May I ask why you hate them so much?" she asked as she stopped playing the piano. He seemed to have a great loathing over anyone that was not noble.

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"Well it seems you and I have different opinions on this topic." she said with a sweet smile as she stood. She straightened her dress before she headed toward the door. "Like I said before. What if we had to live in the lives for a day. Would we still think of them the way that we do? I believe that we would not." she told him walking into the hall. She brushed a strand of hair from her face as she looked out the window. She saw Arno and smiled. She thought of waving or maybe calling out his name but she didn't want to get him hurt when he had been so kind to her.

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"I am sorry that you feel that way my lord." she replied as she looked out the window. She sighed and walked down the hall. She wondered how Ezio would feel if he knew that she was the King's daughter. She smiled when she thought of his possible reaction.

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"When you live mostly in solitude because your father doesn't want people to know that you are alive doesn't actually give you many opinions my lord." she told him. She was hinting at who she was but didn't want to actually tell him. She would let him guess. 'At the moment I just wish to walk amongst the palace." she said walking down the hall.

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"I would like you to walk with me. If that is not an extravagant request." she said with a smile her eyes bright. She was young and a bit adventurous.

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She blushed at him calling her darling. She smiled as she walked down the corridors. "I forgot how large the palace is. When I was little my father would run around with me in the garden or dance with me and my mother in the ballroom. That was along time ago though." she sighed becoming silent.

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"No I am not worried it is just my memories are pretty much all I have now. With my parents it is a lot more complicated." she told him. She froze surprised when he pulled her to him though she smiled at him.

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She smiled. "As you wish my lord." she said and curtsied. "I shall see you in the morning." she told him sweetly as she walked further down the hall.

((Its 3:26am here and I'm still not asleep.))

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((Time skip?))

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Madeline woke screaming even though Arno had his hand of her mouth. She slapped him so he would release her. "What are you doing in here?" she asked recognizing him instantly regretting hitting him.

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"What is it you are looking for in my room?" she asked getting u from her bed and lighting a candle.

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"May I ask why? There must have been a reason you came into my room waking me like that." she said. "If you planned on finding a book you should of just went into the library." she told him walking in front of the door.

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"I believe you. Come with me I'll take you to the library." she told him pulling on her robe opening the door quietly. "Try to be quiet everyone is asleep." she said and waited for him to follow her.

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Madeline smiled and opened the door to the library. "Come in." she said and shut the door behind him when he did. "What book are you actually looking for?" she asked. "I've read each one in this library so I should be able to find it."

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"It isn't stealing if I give it to you." she told him with smile. She found the book and handed it to him. "May I ask what you need it for?" she asked sitting in a large chair lighting another candle.

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She blushed. "You were very kind to me. I should be kind to you. I do not see you or others as most nobles see you." she said and kissed his cheek. "You are welcome here when ever you wish just make sure that it is my room that you sneak into." she said with a sweet voice and a small laugh.

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Madeline shook her head and looked up at him. "You don't have to hide you know?" she whispered. She stood seeing Ezio and another gentleman.

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"I'm sorry if I woke anyone. I could not sleep so I came here to read. I do apologize I was reading out loud." she said convincingly. "May I ask why you are awake so late in the night my lord?" she asked with a sweet smile.

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"You have a pleasant night my lord." she said with a curtsy. When he left she looked around for Arno. Where had he gone now? "Arno?" she whispered.

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She saw him. "How did you do that?" she asked in awe. She smiled at him and stood still when he moved towards her. She was getting tired but she didn't let it show.

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"You made it look easy." she told him. She smiled when he was in front of her. Her eyes were bright as she met his gaze. "Who are you exactly?" she asked.

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"Why would who you are frighten me?" she asked sitting in a large chair and motioned for him to sit.

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"So you have murdered people?" she asked not showing that was some what frightened. How was he so kind and also an assassin. She smiled at him. "I do not care about it."

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"I believe that you had your reasons for murdering those people. I for one will not judge you for it." Then a thought occurred to her. "How did you know I was here in the palace?" she asked.

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"Well I assume you know I'm a noble now." she murmured searching his eyes with a smile.

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"What are you doing if I may ask?" she asked with a smile when he touched her. He was kind and warm she couldn't picture him as a killer or anything less than a gentleman.

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She smiled and touched his forehead with her finger tips. "Like this?" she asks.

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Madeline smiled and looked in his eyes. "What does this mean?" she asked him.

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Madeline smiled until she heard foot steps. "I am sorry but I do believe it is time that you left." she told him sadly. She didn't want him to leave but she also didn't want him hurt if he was found.

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