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Now we'll never know > Teen taken away to some dystopian centre maybe due to a certain circumstance. Spoilers ahead.

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message 1: by Kris (last edited Jun 15, 2018 09:38AM) (new)

Kris | 39751 comments Mod
Alyssa, how is this dystopian society different from today? What's outlawed? What are the teens expected to do in the centre/prison? Is this future Earth or a fantasy world?

Do any of the characters have special powers or skills?

What is the gender of the protagonist and the person already in captivity? Is there romance in the story?

message 2: by Sydney (new)

Sydney | 26 comments Taken by Erin Bowman?

message 3: by Shanna_redwind (new)

Shanna_redwind | 854 comments Taken for the click of the earlier suggestion.

MaybeArticle 5 or one of the series?

message 4: by JoAnn (last edited Jun 18, 2018 08:45AM) (new)

JoAnn | 97 comments One of the Gone: Parallel Trilogy books?

message 5: by Kris (new)

Kris | 39751 comments Mod
[Gone] Parallel series by Christine Kersey - JoAnn's suggestion

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Kate Farrell | 4060 comments Mod
Alyssa ~~
You can "bump" your thread every month or so. This pushes your thread back to the top of the folder instead of languishing here on page 178 where fewer eyes will see it. Get back in the game! Bump!
You can do this by typing a new comment at the end of the thread, or even by typing the word "bump."
Good luck!

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OP's account deleted. Moving to NWNK.

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