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Who's looking good?

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message 1: by In2books (new)

In2books (in2book) Who do you think looks like an up and coming team for this year? I think the Eagles and San Diego will be good this year. your thoughts?

message 2: by ⓝⓐⓣⓗⓐⓝⓐⓔⓛ♦Depression Sucks♦, Bills, Niners, and Steelers! (new)

ⓝⓐⓣⓗⓐⓝⓐⓔⓛ♦Depression Sucks♦ | 217 comments Mod
Yeah the Chargers are definitely an up and coming team, if the Eagles can get by without D-Jax then I think they have a bright future.
For me the Bills look like an up and coming team(and that's not because I'm a Bills fan), there Defense was great last year and could be a top 3 Defense this year, and on Offense they have added a lot of weapons(through the Draft and through Free Agency) such as Sammy Watkins, Mike Williams, Anthony Dixon, etc. for EJ and also strengthened their O-line which was a huge weakness last year.
Bills = Surprise of the year :)

message 3: by Lance (new)

Lance (sportsbookguy) Most intrigued by the Jets to see if Vick does anything for them. I do like Geno Smith for long term and can't figure out the Vick signing. He's not good enough to lead them to the playoffs and you certainly don't want a weak thrower like him to be a mentor to a young QB.

As for my Vikings...I say by the middle of the season Bridgewater is the starter. Just in time for the first outdoor games in Minnesota with snow since 1981! Can't wait to see those!

message 4: by kalvin, Giants for life!!! (new)

kalvin wake | 27 comments Mod
I am scared for my Giants with no running game and a washed up qb and our best draft pick having injuries all ready.

message 5: by kalvin, Giants for life!!! (new)

kalvin wake | 27 comments Mod
I have to say the chiefs.

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