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message 1: by Aleister (new)

Aleister  Hanek (aleisterhanekauthornarrator) | 30 comments In Revenant Empire, police with psychic abilities are at odds with a crime syndicate called the Wolf Council, which specializes in trafficking and employing revenants. The main character is tasked to join the Council as a double agent. The Seven chapter are about 20,000 words in total.

message 2: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Crystal-Thurston | 29 comments This sounds really interesting! I'd be happy to take a look. Do you have any particular things you would like a beta to focus on while they read?

If you'd like, send me an email at

message 3: by Aleister (new)

Aleister  Hanek (aleisterhanekauthornarrator) | 30 comments Thanks for offering to read for me. Would you rather read this as a google.doc or a word document? I've found people prefer a since it supports editing suggestions easily.

This story is largely based on a possession system I've worked out--I'm a big fan of magic systems--so I'm mainly worried about my readers getting confused. Also, I want to make this story as concise as I can, so help with that would be appreciated.

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