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Kristie Quitter | 17 comments This is a part of a series. It is about a rockstar that gets invited in a couples bed as a threesome so that the man can carry on an affair with the rockstars aunt without his wife getting mad. Well the rockstar sees the couples daughter and ends up falling in love with her. The daughter is a huge fan of his and she gets high and jumps out the window into a pool when she sees him outside. He eventually ends the threesome relationship to be wit the daughter and finds out she’s pregnant. He leaves because someone made a threat of statory rape under the daughters name. Her mom goes insane because the dad is carrying on the affair with the aunt and the rockstar left. The grandma steps in and starts to play both sides, agreeing with the mom all the while trying to help the daughter to keep the baby. In the end the mom ends up killing herself. I remember the whole plot but for the life of me can’t find the book on any search engine. Any ideas?

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Kristie Quitter | 17 comments Solved!!!! Inferno by Katheryn Kelly

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