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"That wasn't too bad, was it?" he asked Rose, smiling.

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"Terrible," Rose laughed. "But totally worth it."

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"Totally!" he shouted as he walked into the shop.

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Rose looked at the rows of wands in awe. The shopkeeper walked over to them. ((I think I have to go soon, so if I'm not on until morning, goodnight!))

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((No problem))

"What type of wand did you have?" he asked.

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"Cherry with dragon heartstring, 10"," Rose answered, smiling anxiously up at the shopkeeper.

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A minute later, the wand maker came back with Rose's new wand and handed it to her.

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"Thank you so much!" Rose exclaimed, hugging the wandmaker and Albus before handing over the galleons.

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"We'd better get back before we get in even more trouble," Albus told her as they mounted their brooms again.

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"Oh, I'm probably getting a howler in the morning," Rose said, sobering.

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"That's the least of our worries. We've got at least a month of detention now!" He said.

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"I missed detention twice today! I'll be lucky if I don't get it for the rest of the year!" Rose said, beginning to worry.

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"I'm just glad I only missed one!" He exclaimed.

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"Good for you," Rose hissed, smacking him on the shoulder. "We really need to head back."

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"Ow!" He rubbed his shoulder. "Alright, alright!" He hopped into the air and started flying for Hogwarts.

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Rose followed Albus, a little less terrified of the concept of flying. "Hey, if the teachers and our parents don't murder us, can you try to give me flying lessons?"

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"Of course!" He shouted through the wind smiling as the fresh air blew through his hair.

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"Thanks!" Rose said. They could see Hogwarts Castle in the distance.

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"Almost there!" He said

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Rose gulped as they landed in the Quidditch Pitch.

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"Let's try to sneak back up to the common room," Albus said

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"What about the kitchen?" Rose asked. "I haven't had dinner. . . ."

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((Albus was already at the great hall for dinner earlier...))

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((Rose hasn't had any dinner. She's just had Butterbeer in the Three Broomsticks.))

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((Should we just say she missed dinner?))

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((I just changed it to "I"))

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"Sure," he said. He pulled out the invisibility cloak and covered them.

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"Why didn't we use this coming back from the Lake?" Rose asked with a groan.

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"I don't know..." He trailed off.

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"Facepalm," Rose laughed. "Let's get something from the Kitchens and head up to the Common Room!"

((You post first in the Kitchens?))

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((Posted :) ))

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Sol glanced up and down all the various boxes of wands. Every time he saw it, it amazed him all over again. That was actually sort of a miracle, considering Hadrian was looking to buy what would become his third wand. Was it really his fault that the last one had gotten smashed in his suitcase? Lux, his younger sister who was still at Hogwarts, had teased him endlessly for it in her few letters. They were close, but both had a bit of a habit of getting incredibly wrapped up in what they were doing and forgetting there was a world beyond what they were doing. In fact, that was what was happening with these wands now. He was so mesmerized by them that he failed to notice the other person until he bumped into him.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews "Oops," Ivor said, his crazy red hair that went below his shoulders which all the guys on the Quidditch team teased him about and caught all of those admiring Hufflepuff girls on the sidelines' stare, going wild as his head collided with the other wizard's shoulder. "Ow! For Merlin's sake- oh, I'm so sorry!" he said, remembering that he had, in fact, collided with someone.

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Sol shrugged. "Think nothing of it." He stepped to the side to regain his personal bubble. However, he found himself unable to sink back deeply into the awe. Instead, he stared at Ivor's hair before slipping into thoughts about how similar it was to some of the stuff he worked with at the Department of Mysteries.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews Ivor tried to get through all of the hair to see if there were any remaining signs of what he had just done. Of course, he was no stranger to bumps and bruises; he had fallen off his broom during his first game and hit his head on the ground, causing Gryffindor to win. He hadn't lost but three Quidditch games since. "Are you okay?" he asked the other wizard.

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Sol nodded slowly as if still a bit enthralled by the other wizard's hair. It really was like his friend Amali's pet project, he thought. He reached out a hand and touched a strand of that hair, rubbing it between his fingers while he stared in awe at it. If one were to say he was gaping in shock at it, he would denounce that person as a liar even though said person would have been speaking the truth.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews "Oh," he laughed, "um, that... I swear, it just looks like that. I don't do anything to it. And, quite frankly, I'm too busy to cut it." He examined the wall of wands. He was coming to get an extra one, because the one he had had since his first year wasn't looking too great.

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Sol nodded slowly, still in a trance-like state while staring at the other boy's hair. After a moment, he pulled a pair of scissors out of his pocket and snipped off a piece. He held it up in his hand staring at it in overt fascination. His lips slowly curled up in a grin.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews "Thanks for the help," Ivor said. He was used to fascination, but not this much.

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Sol was definitely not considering stuffing this in a piece of wood and seeing if it would be a functional wand. Definitely not. He fiddled with the hair for a moment before going to trim off another piece of a different length to compare the two different locks.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews Ivor jerked back. "Dude!" he said, thinking about his American Muggle cousins. That was what they said when people said things that slightly shocked them. "What are you doing with my hair? I don't even know your name!"

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Sol blinked in confusion. Was there something strange about what he was doing? "I am taking a sample of it. I am going to see if I can use it to engineer a wand. I wonder if it'll help with my sister's potions . . . ." Everyone knew about Lux's potions, but everyone forgot in favor of being completely weirded out by her behavior.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews "Oh," he said, trying to play it cool in typical Ivor nature. He ran a hand through his hair again. "Well, I wouldn't necessarily say that my hair is very magical, but for the benefit of you and your sister... hey, is there any chance I've seen her around before? She goes to Hogwarts?"

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Sol felt illogically overprotective of his fifth year Ravenclaw sister. "Yeah, she's a big terrifying seventh year Ravenclaw." He rubbed the hair against his palm and then lunged towards Ivor in an attempt to get another sample.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews "Big and terrifying, huh? I would be cowering, being a weak little Hufflepuff and all." He felt the scissors return to the ends of his hair. "Oi, I'd like to keep a bit of that."

((For some reason, whenever I create redhead characters their hair ends up getting chopped off. XD))

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((By my charries, apparently))

And Ivor did get to keep it. About half of it. All on one side of his head. Even Sol thought his new haircut looked rather like the epitome of ridiculous. And Sol was very pleased with all of the orange hair he'd successfully acquired.

The Full Bookshelf Reviews ((Oh, my gosh. Run, Hugo!))

"I hope this helps your terrifying Ravenclaw sister with her potions that do who knows what," he said, shrugging it off as he always did, although he secretly hoped he could somehow recover the hair. He knew the rest of the team would wonder what happened next time at Quidditch practice.

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((Paris is nice and normal. Not mean or spacy with no grasp of societal customs. We should RP Ivor and Lux after this))

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