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((rp here))

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Cinthia jumped down from a tree and landed gracefully on the ground. She could smell some deer a ways off so she headed towards the scent.

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Heather already hunted she was just walking around in the woods

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Cinthia picked up the scent of another Vampire. She headed towards it.

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Cinthia saw Miranda and ran right up to her. "Hello." she said.

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Heather sat down and leaned on a tree she closed her eyes

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Lizzy Dots sat in the forest, her blonde hair cascading, curtaining her pale angelic face. She didn't want to admitt it, not in a hundred years.
She was lost.

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Heather smelled someone close she got up and went over to Dots

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Lizzy Dots heard soft footsteps behind her but remain silent, still, quiet until slowly, she began to literially blend in with her surrondings and become invisable. it was her only and natural defense.

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Heather got there she followed the sent and sat right down next to Dots"i know your here"she said

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Lizzy "Who are you?" Dots asked wairily, refusing to become visable again.

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