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Operation: Siberia (S-Squad #3)
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message 1: by William (new)

William (williemeikle) OPERATION: SIBERIA, the 3rd in my S-Squad series from Severed Press launches today.

OPERATION: SIBERIA follows the survivors of the Scottish Special Forces squad from INFESTATION and OPERATION: ANTARCTICA, to the opposite side of the world this time, and an investigation of a very peculiar zoo in the Northern Russian Tundra

In this one you'll find more sweary Scotsmen, lots of bullets, big hairy beasties, Mammoths, Dire Wolves, Thunderbirds, more bullets, and more swearing.

I'm still having great fun with this group of my countrymen.

They'll be back.

What's left of them.


message 2: by Char (new) - added it

Char  | 16828 comments Mod
Best of luck with your new release, Willie!

M.E. | 409 comments Those guys have one rough military career! Just bought my copy, and will read it after I wrap up Nights of the Living Dead. Thanks for the post William!

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