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Stepbrother Fallen
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Stepbrother/stepsister romance with adult contents. Stepsister is in love with stepbrother and ends up trapped in a weight room while her stepbrother is having sex with someone else. [s]

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Shelia Williams | 765 comments Looking for a stepbrother/stepsister romance i read about three or four years ago.

All i can remember is the stepsister has a big crush or is in love with the stepbrother. They are at some kind of party maybe a graduation party or someone's birthday party not sure which. The stepbrother is in a big room with a bunch of people and his stepsister are sitting around watching him play the guitar or making be a piano. Next i remember is that she is watch him a he is staring in her direction but he is really looking at someone behind her and then makes a come here jester so she gets up to go to him but the girl behind her tells her that it was meant for her a pushes the stepsister out of the way and she falls to the ground and gets either spills her drink on herself or someone else drink when she fell. She i believe cross out embarrassed about everything she goes to the bathroom that is in a weight room in another building. When she comes out she hears voices and goes to see that it is her stepbrother and the girl having sex or getting ready to an i believe she has to hide an hear and/or watch them because she can't get put without being caught. I think later in the book the stepbrother confronts her an tells her that he knew she was there, but I'm 100% sure about that part. An a course they end up fall in love with a HEA.
Sorry that is all i can remember i hope someone recognise it.

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