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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Historical romance - Native American heroine decides to give hero her virginity as an honour and reward for winning a battle of some sort. Hero doesn’t want her and thinks she’s dirty and needs a bath

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Blub | 4 comments So sorry can’t remember anything other than super vague details. Heroine has a ‘typically native american’ name and is the daughter of the tribe chief or something.

Title may have something to do with the word prize or gift. - not sure

Think the hero wins a battle or something and the heroine gives herself as his prize. She thinks he should be honoured that she’s chosen him

Hero thinks the heroine is a dirty savage and at first refuses to sleep with her. There’s a bit where he tells her to have a bath and she doesn’t think anything’s wrong with the way she smells

Hero is white as far as I can remember

Read the book quite a few years ago but not sure what time is was published must be over 10 years ago perhaps as I think the cover was old

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Blub is still looking for this.

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JennyG | 565 comments Can you describe the cover?

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