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message 1: by James (new)

James Joyce (james_patrick_joyce) | 220 comments Please correct me, if I am mistaken, but this is not an ISBN.

According to my physical copy, this is something called a "Standard Book Number", which is comprised of the number given, without the "0" at the beginning.

Standard Book Number: 671-75114-X

It should be noted that these editions were published before the adoption of the ISBN system. A click-through to WorldCat shows a false number, as well. The ISBN-13, of course, is a total fabrication.

Listing the Standard Book Number would make it easier for others to find it, in a search.

Two other points:

--The first Pocket Books printing is September, 1968
The second printing, which conforms to the cover, page count, and SBN, and my physical copy, is April 1969.

--The title, on the book cover, is spelled out and does not use a numeral. Thus:

"Nebula Award Stories Number Two"
"Nebula Award Stories Number 2"

message 2: by James (new)

James Joyce (james_patrick_joyce) | 220 comments Note that there is an alternate entry, which must be searched by name and it is "Nebula Award Stories Number Two".

This one has the title right, but the publication info is all wonky.
The 1967 publication date is by Doubleday, not Pocket Books, but this isn't the Doubleday edition so it's not really relevant. First Pocket Books edition is as noted above.

The "first published June 1966" would be a trick, since the awards dinner was in 1967. The original stories were published in 1966, but that would require rewording to not be inaccurate.

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