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James O'Fallon | 1 comments "Seen and Unseen" by James O'Fallon

Dyson Randall is a thirty year old string theory physicist at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Mariel Maldacena is twenty-nine, barely finished high school. The moment they meet, their two minds entangle in a quantum mechanical way where events are experienced simultaneously.

She is a subject in a study of extrasensory perception at the Institute, which Rand believes is nonsense until the day her mind pairs with his from a remote location. Her added power opens a window where he sees with his own eyes the vibrating wall of strings at the limit of physical reality that before was only a complex mathematical equation.

But for her the unseen is a horror, a place from which a devil-like beast will drag her where the dead are while she’s still alive. She came with the hope of closing windows, not opening them.

“The dark street you won’t walk down? The chill on the back of your neck? Something’s there, unseen. It senses us like we sense it.”

They want different things, but once paired, they find themselves on the same arcing arrow of time that takes them past the wall of vibrating strings where Mariel is lost to the beast that sits there like a cosmic mistake. Using only the power of his conscious mind, Rand slips ever deeper in his pursuit of her to what existed before time and space began.

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Keith Oxenrider (mitakeet) | 1167 comments Sencha a PM.

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