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DOE 3: The Witch from the Sea > Chapter 8: The Unknown Sailor's Grave

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message 1: by Marie (new)

Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 534 comments Mod
Potential spoilers ahead...

message 2: by Marie (new)

Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 534 comments Mod
Tamsyn's turn & I'm so glad Fenn is in the picture. Creepy scene with the grandmother of Fenn though. So far I really like Tamsyn, hope she has more of a spine than poor Linnet.

message 3: by MaryKate (new)

MaryKate (marykate711) | 202 comments I really like Tamsyn a lot. Were you surprised about the turn of events last chapter?

message 4: by Marie (new)

Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 534 comments Mod
Yes!! I expected there to be a lot more build up before -poof- it's over!!!
Very weird. So now we have to wait for Tamsyn to grow up & see if she discovers the diary.

message 5: by MaryKate (new)

MaryKate (marykate711) | 202 comments I agree with what you said in your comment about the last chapter--I don't understand why Linnet didn't tell Jack about what was going on in her life. Though I'm not sure how much a wife "belonged" to her husband in those days. Could a father have realistically intervened?

message 6: by Marie (new)

Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 534 comments Mod
Finished this chapter- Senara is evil & I don't like her at all!! I am a little shocked (disbelief) that the families would allow the betrothal of Connell & Melanie however.
The grave of the soldier should be obvious to Fenn by the end of this chapter don't you think?
I fear for Fenn & what will come out of Senara's jealousy.

message 7: by MaryKate (new)

MaryKate (marykate711) | 202 comments I can't STAND Senara and I'm so glad you also dislike her. She's a hot mess and Tamsyn needs to stop being so indulgent with her! I agree with your shock--if everyone is so upset about Colum's treatment of his first wife (totally forgot her name), it doesn't seem to follow that Connell and Melanie's marriage should be agreed upon so readily. And yes, the grave seems SO obvious and if Fenn is so set on remembering and avenging his father, it should be clear whose grave it is.

message 8: by Marie (new)

Marie Burton (marieburton2004) | 534 comments Mod
Tamsyn definitely is letting things get out of hand- how much warning does she need with all of Senara's crazed threats?
And I am wondering why Fenn doesn't just come out and ask for marriage - could the affection all be in Tamsyn's mind?

message 9: by MaryKate (new)

MaryKate (marykate711) | 202 comments he's definitely standoffish, but they're so perfect for each other!

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