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~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) Name:
Power: (only 1)

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) Name: Melinda
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy of the Night
Personality: TBA

Power: Controls Elements
Crush: Open

message 3: by Maralune (last edited Dec 20, 2009 05:40PM) (new)

Maralune | 87 comments Name:
Species: woodland fairy
Personality: Caring,fun, sweet, nice

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) HI! OMG! someone actusally got on! I love you! lolZ cool charrie

message 5: by Maralune (new)

Maralune | 87 comments thanks. I was planning on making a charrie but forgot. Ill invite more people if I can.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) ok..I wanna be a mod! I could make this group alive but the current mod never gets on..

message 7: by Maralune (new)

Maralune | 87 comments oh that sucks!!

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) she hasnt been on goodreads since like January..

message 9: by Kataury (new)

Kataury Name:Tarest Morn
Personality:we'll just have to see won't we?
Apperance:Brown hair and eyes. Of medium height and light weight with a slightly muscular build.
Power:eh... none.

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) "eh....none." lolZ charrie!

message 11: by Kataury (new)

Kataury what does LMAO mean?

message 13: by Kataury (new)

Kataury Well there ya go. Thank you.

message 15: by Jordyn (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 2 comments I have a question about Melinda, JeZika. When you say "Power: Controls elements", I have a slight worry about you maybe overpowering your character. I was just pointing this out, nothing personal as that I love to RP with you. I was just requesting that you should (possibly) add in limitations to ease the minds of those looking to join. >.<

~ ! ♥ I rp therefore I am Awesome ♥ ! ~  (jessicatheawsomeone) hahahah no worries! I hate almighty charries! When I say controls elments she uses them for like things that fairies do...Only she does it for night....When I made her this was ALONG TIME AGO and I didn't include a weakness..My mistake...But no she's not almighty! I'll come up with a weakness.

message 17: by Jordyn (new)

Jordyn (sessykai) | 2 comments Yay! Okay. Sorry, that is just a worry I have when I join people in RPs and I glance at their characters. Thanks!

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