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message 1: by E.A. (last edited Jun 12, 2018 05:48AM) (new)

E.A. Turley (eaturley) | 16 comments Hi, I've put up a new set of four books on Goodreads. Could you add the cover art that is advertised on Amazon for them, please? The links are below. Thank you. :)

message 3: by E.A. (new)

E.A. Turley (eaturley) | 16 comments Thank you for adding the covers, but it hasn't come up on my profile as a series. It only has Destined Dates showing under my series tab? The Tetrad isn't there too.

message 4: by rivka, Former Librarian Moderator (new)

rivka | 45524 comments Mod
Author pages are cached, so it can take a day or two for new series to show up there.

But they show up on the series list page immediately:

message 5: by E.A. (new)

E.A. Turley (eaturley) | 16 comments Ah, got it. Thanks a lot for all your help, both of you. :)

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