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The Door in the Wall
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Young adult-Fiction, black plague, bratty kid, monk/monastery. Mild Spoiler ahead. [s]

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Mitchell Snyder | 2 comments I read this book in class in 6th grade which was 2011-12 but i assume it was not a very new book at the time, still now you know it isn't super new. The story was about this brat boy whose parents were somewhere during the black plague (I don't think his parents died but I don't remember). Someone arranged for him to stay at a monastery to be safe from the plague. He gradually becomes less bratty with the aid of one monk; learns some carpentry and builds a small wooden cross. One chapter the monk and the boy are near a stream. Later they go on a journey (possibly to reunite him with his parents?) They go up in this castle and there is a very good view....and that's all I remember. Must not have been too good if i can remember so little of it? Wrong. I remember thinking the character development was very good and the plot flowed well. I think part of the reason I remember so little is I was gone the week they finished it in class so I don't know the ending.

Spockles | 199 comments The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli?

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Mitchell Snyder | 2 comments Thats it! thanks

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