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message 1: by Barry (new)

Barry (barrypz) | 2998 comments Wayfaring Stranger: James Lee Burke
Maybe he has never written something so good, and maybe he will never write anything better. Once again a noble creation of Burke battles the vulgar forces of society, and you hang on the edge of your seat, waiting to see if justice is done, or even what justice might be.
The protagonist, a generation before Billy Bob Holland, says:” I’ve killed men against whom I’ve had no grievance. Think of what I will do to you.” But Weldon Holland is a good man, and and it would take a large push to break his morals. You must read to see how he was pushed, and how he responds. (A)

Stripped: Brian Freeman
A wild and wonderful ride for the first ¾ of the book as Serena and stride chase a serial killer in Vegas. The it all breaks loose, and what a wild ride it is. (A-)

A Certain Justice: John Lescroat
So often books about justice are really about injustice. Lescroat turns the tables here when he makes his minor character, Abe Glitsky, the protagonist, and Dismass Hardy in to a minor character. This really works as Glitsky is faced with the belief the man he is supposed to hunt for a murder is in fact innocent, but nobody wants to listen. (B+)

Uncaged: John Sanford/Michelle Cook
My guess would be that Sanford loaned his name to Cook to get people to read this book. Biggest warning, the book does not end, it sets up the scene for a series of books to follow. Second warning, you really have to be able to suspend disbelief to buy the full premise of this story. There are elements that could be out of the news, elements that you could believe are possible, but taken as a whole, hard to accept as likely.
All that said, the book is a fairly good page turner with some compelling characters and a story that always has you wanting to know what is on the next page. I am not saying “no” to book 2. (B)

Hounded: David Rosenfelt
A legal thriller mixed nicely with a caper, Andy Carpenter, his friends and his dogs defend a friend accused of murder. (B)

Trust Your Eyes: Linwood Barclay
An illustrator and a home bound schizophrenic are in for a not very good adventure when the schizo sees a murder on an online app. (B)

Buck Fever: Ben Rehder
A pleasant enough caper in Blanco Couty Texas. (B)

The Night Searchers: Marsha Muller
McCone’s relationship with Hy continues to grow as they find their cases are strangely linked, and involve a weird group of night time treasure huntersl (B)

The 13th Juror: John Lescroat
Hot stuff back in 1994. A legal thriller filled with twists, turns, and seat of your pants cliff hangers. A mother is accused of killing her husband and son. The jury agrees. Her lawyer does not. (B)

The Magician’s Tale: David Hunt
I was surprised to find this book made me think of the very early Deaver, A Maiden’s Grave. With Deaver, ti was foreshadowing of how far he would go, but Hunt did not seem to go far from here. The book is set in San Francisco, and rubs the underside of society. The protagonist, a color blind photographer is seeking to find why a friend died. It is a journey worth following. (B)

McNally’s Caper: Lawrence Sanders
Tales of the rich and vapid. (B)

message 2: by Melodie (new)

Melodie (melodieco) | 3604 comments Good month! I will finish HOUNDED tonight.

message 3: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14417 comments I know Barry, where did July go? I look forward to Wayfaring Stranger on audio soon, and enjoyed the Sharon McCone book too. Good month!

message 4: by Carol/Bonadie (new)

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 7912 comments I loved the series with Serena and Stride, wish there were more. Stripped was a good one.

Not sure I'm rushing out to get that Sandford. Did you recognize the style as his, for example the humor that is present in the Davenport and Flowers books?

I'll have to look into John Lescroat; I like legal thrillers and I've never read him.

Also never read McNally, although I like Sanders' Deadly Sin series.

Good month as always Barry!

message 5: by Dan in AZ (new)

Dan in AZ | 2648 comments Solid month, Barry. Have to get to the Burke.

message 6: by Brakedrum (new)

Brakedrum | 1203 comments Good month. Barry.

message 7: by Barry (new)

Barry (barrypz) | 2998 comments The "Sanford" did not have any of the humor and wit that normally accompanies his tales. The style was not his either.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Great month!

I like Rosenfelt's books. His books take place in towns I've lived in which gives his books a different flavor. Glad to hear this one is good.

I put Wayfaring Stranger on my TBR based on your recommendation. I signed up for Oyster last month since they seem to carry a lot of books I want to read - and a lot of Burke's books are on there.

message 9: by Amy (new)

Amy | 1342 comments Barry, I liked Trust your eyes. What did you think of the Ending?

message 10: by Barry (new)

Barry (barrypz) | 2998 comments He should have bought a lottery ticket in the first chapter. It surely would have been a winner at the end.

message 11: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14417 comments Christina: Please let us know what you like about Oyster as you use it!
Christina wrote: " I signed up for Oyster last month since they seem to carry a lot of books I want to read - and a lot of Burke's books are on there."

message 12: by Donnajo (new)

Donnajo | 3548 comments great month

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