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Clairabelle (sicklysweet) | 1 comments Trying to remember a book i read, BUT!

The only thing i can remember is the main characters name. :(

From what i can remember -
[*]Characters name is Octavia, Tavia for short
[*]She had a sister who is also a main-ish chara
[*]Read it in the early 2000's, so possibly published before 2005
[*]Book is broken up into 2 or 3 parts
[*]Genre i think is a historical book, or possibly urban fantasy as i was heavily into vampires at that time. Definitely targeted at teen/ya readers.
[*]I can remember the book had a RL Stine feel to it too.

No matter what i enter into Google, it keeps giving me authors named Octavia :( I thought it would be fairly easy as Octavia was a strange name, to me at least, and didn't appear often in books.

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SparksofEmber | 956 comments Raven's Point maybe?

No one who lives on the beautiful little island of Raven's Point knows of the island's dark history, of the evil that was born there. Why would they? They've got too much going on in their lives to worry aboutmassacres hundreds of years ago.
Jane Romano's brother, Elijah, is in a coma. She spends most of her time trying to keep her parents from completely losing it. Friends? Fun? Not anymore. And maybe never again.

Tavia Burrows is trying to get it through her head that Elijah, her first love, first kiss, first everything, is never coming back to her. She has college to think about. And maybe even a new boyfriend. If she can survive the next few weeks on Raven's Point.

Seth McFadden is new in town. He's noticed Jane noticing him. He's not planning on doing anything about it, though, because he has a secret that he knows would make a girl like Jane run away from him.

Soon Jane, Tavia, and Seth will be forced to learn the truth about their island's violent past -- and their part in it. They are going to have to face the evil that came to life in the place they call home, or Raven's Point and everyone on it will be destroyed.

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