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10 best business books written by women

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Keith | 613 comments Mod
Going with our theme after our discussions related to The Power, I came across this article that highlights the dearth of business books authored by women, and tries to put the focus on some good ones. I havenm't read any of these myself - and some do exclusively focus on the challenges of women - but still look to be some interesting titles. FYI


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Keith | 613 comments Mod
I should also add, that I perused the GoodReads "Best Business Books" list, and out of the Top 100, only 5 total were written by women. The highest on the list was #24, followed by #41. Not sure of the true root cause, but my guess is that there are women out there writing books, but they're getting jammed up by the publishing industry, and also possibly not getting their due respect because of gender bias in other ways. I thought it was an interesting observation.

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