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message 1: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
Just a question that doesn't have to be answered but none the less, I am interested in what you guys are currently writing about if you are writing.

message 2: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
I am working on my second book. The first stops at a bit of a cliff hanger and the second books starts from the beginning, again. However, this time it is from a different characters perspective and eventually book 1 and 2 tie into each other with book 2 ending a bit further than book 1 did. I plan to do this again with book 3.

3 different characters, 3 different writing styles (humorous/ serious/ depressing-sadness) each from the same town, at almost exactly the same time. It's complicated and I have a desk full of papers and pen marks but if I can pull this off I think ill have really put myself through a self workshop to develop my skills as an author.

message 3: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Patterson | 16 comments Mod
I am working on Book 3 of a fantasy trilogy. I have already released books 1 and 2, although I am gathering from other successful indie published authors (David Estes most notably) that it is smarter to release the whole series at once or very closely to one another. I am also working on a historical fiction novel that both myself and my editor are excited about. You can see my first two books at amazon among other places.

message 4: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
Alright another fantasy writer! I like your cover a lot and the promise of adventure sounds fun. Hopefully I'll get a chance to read it soon. I wish you the best, keep in touch!

message 5: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
Just wrapped up chapter 9 of book 2. This was probably the greatest tie in mystery/spoiler that I have unleashed in the series. I know it will be a while before it is complete however, I anticipate the first readers comment.

You always hope the reader takes the same level of excitement that the writer puts into it. As a novice writer I'm worried about putting too much in that they see the ending ahead of time. Or, not putting enough in that it doesn't create the giant chain of events; dooms day reaction I was hoping for lol.

message 6: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Patterson | 16 comments Mod

message 7: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
Hey Chris,

Did you already have your meeting with Grael? How was the Friday fantasy writers club meeting?

message 8: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Patterson | 16 comments Mod
I did. For what I (we) are doing, it makes sense to continue just using their services rather than publish under their imprint. In order to do so without incurring any costs, I would have to guarantee 2000 copies sold per title. I might be getting close to that number with my first book, but I am no where near that with my second. And then, of course, they take a hefty percentage of royalties. They are truly awesome to work with and from what I gather, their fees are reasonable, so I will continue doing what I have been doing for now.

The author's group was awesome as well. One other fantasy author. A sci-fi guy who is actually making 6 figures writing. David Van Dyke is his name. But a lot of different genres and lots of good info on advertising and marketing. I will continue to pass that info along.

message 9: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Patterson | 16 comments Mod
In regards to your comment about your excitement, I think the reader will sense your excitement and be excited with you. Genuine readers sense our enthusiasm, you know. As far as not wanting to give away too much of the ending, that is a constant struggle, but what I have found through writing, and some harsh words from my editor, is that if we withhold too much, there isn't a clear path or arc or plot for our readers. We know the story so we have this tendency to make it a mystery for us. Remember, the reader know less than 10% of what you know in regards to your story.

message 10: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Patterson | 16 comments Mod
Not to dominate this forum, but I just finished book 3 (the last bit is with my editor right now) and I finished my Historical Fantasy (hopefully it works out the way I am hoping it will). I am trying to figure out names for my Historical Fantasy and cleaning it up to send to Graham, my editor.


message 11: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
Congratulations! I am reading your first book as we speak. But I did take a break at chapter 7 to write a SS for this contest. I am going to post it up under the event, if anyone gets a chance to read it and offer a critique, I would welcome any feedback.

Wow. 2k copies huh... I think I have sold around 60 lol. Actually I wouldn't says sold, I would say... passed out. I'm thinking more along the lines of here's a free book 1. Give it a chance beginning and if you like it hopefully you by the next.

Like my play on words? I'll text you tonight about an idea I have. Something I have been thinking about strongly for a while. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. Talk to you soon!

message 12: by Steven (new)

Steven Hildreth Jr. (stevenhildrethjr) | 16 comments I'm currently (and very slowly) doing rewrites for the second book in my new series (my fifth book overall).

Lesson learned: don't complete a manuscript in 26 days; it's borderline uneditable. LOL

message 13: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
LOL. I wish I had the time to write like that. That's amazing you could do that. Sometimes I can sit down and jam out 6k words and the rest of the time I'm happy just adding a paragraph.

You must have a good relationship with your editor lol.

message 14: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Patterson | 16 comments Mod
Book 3 should be out in 2 weeks - Breaking the Flame. I have also finished another book project, something a little different and more in the realm of Historical Fantasy Fiction. Working that out with my editor right now.

message 15: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
That's fantastic! Congratulations! Is that the end of your first trilogy?

message 16: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Patterson | 16 comments Mod
Yes sir. I am almost finished with another book as well, this one is a historical fantasy fiction based in the late 11th century England. Its with my editor right now. Hoping for a productive summer

message 17: by Christopher (new)

Christopher Patterson | 16 comments Mod
Book 3 is now available for pre-order! Super excited

message 18: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
Congratulations. What are you doing as far as marketing? Any way I can help?

message 19: by Lauren (new)

Lauren Grossman (laurenbgrossman) | 15 comments New Amazon review by Ananda
5 stars: A must read !!!!!!!
May 13, 2019
Format: Paperback
This book kept me on the edge of my seat .... lots of twists and turns.... didn’t expect this ending.....highly recommend,

message 20: by Andres (new)

Andres Rodriguez (aroddamonster) | 240 comments Mod
Its a great month Lauren, I received my first 5 star review from a reader that I don't personally know.

Amazon Review

It really makes your day when someone takes the time to write how much they liked your work.

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