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message 1: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Springs | 181 comments Mod
First, the winner for the July read is (drum roll): Thebes of the Hundred Gates. This is for the Robert Silverberg month. Over the next couple of months, we will be looking at selections from the various science fiction awards.

The June read was Andre Norton's Witch World. Witch World was one of my favorite fantasy series.

Witch World follows the adventures of Simon Tregarth. Col Tregarth was a soldier in WWII. After the war, he fell on hard times and made some dangerous enemies. He is offered a chance for escape. This escape is through a gate that takes him to Witch World. He saves a witch Jaelithe from the Hounds of Alizon and takes service with the Witches of Escarp. However, Escarp has many enemies besides the hounds. Simon's military experience serves him well. Moreover, in Witch World, he has a magic all his own.

Andre Norton's storytelling has enthralled me for decades. Witch World always seems to have a surprise around every corner. Since my collection of novels is mostly packed away, I bout Witch World 3 volume set on Kindle: Witch World, Web of Witch World, and Year of the Unicorn. What did everyone else think of it?

message 2: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Springs | 181 comments Mod
I'm putting this here so I can find it again. Here is the poll for the 2017 awards reads:


message 3: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten Schuder (goodreadscomkirstenschuder) | 233 comments Mod
That's convenient. Thanks.

Okay, Witch World. I don't k now what it is about Celtic folklore, real or imagined, that gets my blood going, but it does. It makes me want to believe that these things could be real. I want them to be real. Reading the beginning of this novel made me feel this way.

I also admire how Norton's work hits the ground running. A guy on the lamb is never boring, and it's interesting that he is on the lamb because of his honesty. A nice twist.

As a lit agent, I am appreciative of great beginnings. This one has it.

message 4: by Kurt (new)

Kurt Springs | 181 comments Mod
Andre Norton was one of a kind, according to people who met her. Witch World is one of her most beloved series. There are magic and danger around every corner.

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